YO1 Health Resort (formerly YO1 Wellness Resort & Spa) will reopen its doors in early October, and will be offering new health programming to help guests achieve a healthier way of living and boost immunity in this COVID-19 era. YO1 believes that building a strong immune system, placing an importance on wellness and encouraging everyone to become their healthiest and happiest selves is of the utmost importance.

The new health programs at YO1 are a reflection of these values and include Immunity Boosting, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Management, Pain Management, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Hypertension Management, Weight and Lifestyle Management, Fertility Programs and more that are all tailored to an individual’s wellness goals. Each of the programs offered is a non-invasive and natural therapy that people travel to India and Thailand to experience. Now with the reopening of YO1 Health Resort, you have an opportunity to take part in this just two hours outside of NYC while enjoying the Catskill Mountains as your backdrop.

“Opening YO1 Health Resort in the Catskill Mountains was my vision to design a place where guests can luxuriously reconnect with nature, regain their whole health and improve their lifestyle.” shares Chairman Dr. Subhash Chandra, Visionary, Philanthropist and Father of Indian Television.

YO1 Health Resort: A True Wellness Getaway

The magic of pure air; the boost of healing programs; and the beauty of nature awaits at YO1. Sitting on 1,310 acres of pristine lakes and pine forests in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, YO1 Health Resort provides guests with a socially distanced, safe and luxurious wellness retreat destination. Derived from the Sanskrit word Yovan, YO1 means youthful and represents the human quest of attaining eternal youth through a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

With a new You’re Assured Program, YO1 Health Resort is making safety a top priority while offering guests immunity boosting, yoga, and wellness experiences designed to detox, revitalize and promote optimal health and wellbeing. The Department of Health visited YO1 Health Resort and has approved all the precautionary measures of safety and the re-opening.

“While you embark on a new journey of a healthier way of living, our team has worked hard to provide the same level of service and hospitality expected from a luxurious YO1 experience while making health and safety a top priority,” shares General Manager, David Hayes. “We recognize COVID-19 has changed the world in which we live and we have expanded and improved our already thorough cleaning and disinfecting protocols.”

Targeted to individual wellness needs, each program allows people to make healthier lifestyle choices. Ayurvedic and Yogic therapies coupled with Naturopathy and Acupuncture are designed to cleanse, detoxify and refresh. YO1 offers guests the necessary tools, atmosphere, and motivation they need to seriously commit to their health and transform their life. Programs are designed at different lengths of stay to cater to people’s needs, based on the time they have to invest in their health. Long-term programs deliver the optimum health results.

All personalized programs include:

  • Gourmet vegetarian meals and cold pressed juices crafted to nourish your body, improve digestion, and boost immunity
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions led by highly trained Yoga experts
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center and private locker rooms with complimentary shower amenities and access to all resort amenities including indoor pool, sauna, steam rooms, waterfall Jacuzzi and hot tubs
  • Complimentary Wellness Counseling
  • Showcase kitchen demonstrations and interactive Health Museum and evening wellness lectures

YO1 Health Resort: Our Three Favorite New Programs

1. Immune Booster Program

At YO1, all four systems of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupuncture are blended together into YO1’s Immune Booster Package. This combines different massages; hydrotherapies; and a personalized diet, which will detoxify the body, flush out toxins and help you feel lighter and stronger internally.

This program aims to remove toxins and free radicals to rejuvenate the body, improve quality of sleep, boost immunity and T-cells in the body and increase energy levels. Therapies include Swedish Massage, Aroma Massage, Colonics, Podikizhi, Nasya, Gandusha, Acupuncture and Hatha Yoga.

> Duration: 3+ Night Programs Price: Starting from $870/Night

2. Fertility Program

YO1 provides a comprehensive holistic program, which includes an Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Yogic wellness course of action to mitigate the infertility problem in men and women. The most common causes for problems in conception are stress, improper diet, lack of exercise and an irregular daily routine.

This program manages infertility problems caused by ovarian, tubular and uterine issues, enhances the function on the ovarian glands and strengthens the uterus, improves libido and alleviates lethargy, reduces stress and anxiety thereby improving the quality of egg and sperm. It incorporates hot stone sesame oil massage with IR sauna, Abhyangam and Panchakarma, Acupuncture and Hatha yoga.

> Duration: 7+ Night Programs Price: Starting from $870/Night

3. Signature Resort Package

The ultimate starter experience to decompress and boost your overall well-being. This is a great way to kickstart your wellness and includes Lakeview Accommodations, daily yoga and meditation, one-on-one wellness counseling, 1 Massage and 1 Mud Therapy or Hydrotherapy.

> Duration: Starting from 1 night stay Price: Starting from $649/Night

Learn More: https://yo1.com