Publisher’s Pick: Chouchou is much more than just a four-star hotel; and it’s an obvious publisher’s pick with their amazing location and the approach they have with luxury on an over-the-top scale that still maintains the essence of a personalized boutique getaway. There is nothing boring about Chouchou, and is “the” new Mecca for bon vivants. The lovely property has 63 bedrooms – including three suites – in the Opéra district, between the Grands Magasins and the Grands Boulevards. Enter a guinguette bar and market that offers produce from the seas (La Mer à Boire) and dry land (La Grande Bouffe): an exclusively French menu with fresh products straight from producers. A stage for live performances adds zest to the place from Thursday to Sunday with its artistic programs.

They also have a backstage area with three rooms that can be privatized for events of all sizes with a customizable layout that can host up to forty people seated. Or venture down to the basement where Chouchou offers three private pools for its hotel guests and external clients, exclusively via reservation.

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Chouchou: An Informal French Pop Culture Experience

Enjoy the contemporary decor of a guinguette bar for toasting ordinary moments with extraordinary people and extraordinary moments with ordinary people. Their approach is generous and high quality French ingredients at fair prices. Open spaces conducive to sharing, discovery and encounters.

A central performance stage with gigs from Thursday to Sunday evenings for you to discover budding artists: talents forming part of our pop culture. Enjoy their performances as you lean against the bar, sharing the food market’s delights with friends and clinking cocktails from a menu that brings French tipples from yesteryear back to life.

Chouchou: The Market Offers Produce from the Seas and Dry Land

In a food-market spirit, you can help yourself to stands that offer a range of salty dishes straight from Brittany, including oysters, a main feature in La Mer à Boire. Opposite, La Grande Bouffe and its produce from dry land restyle – according to the seasons or desires – the famous sausage galette for sharing among friends. Their produce is hand picked with care and a big appetite as they seek to unearth, promote and share gems from their regions. In every case, local distribution networks are used, as are seasonal produce and simple recipes to be savored or devoured at lunchtime or in the evening on one of the large wooden tables in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Chouchou: An Unobtrusive Hotel that Showcases French Craftsmanship

In the hotel, you reach the lobby by walking through a passage of mirrors with countless light bulbs where you are endlessly projected. The reception is informal and unfussy, in line with a desire to be more human, more authentic. A haberdashery store resembling a Parisian bric-a-brac shop offers a range of items from small French brands, giving guests the chance to take a souvenir back for their loved ones.

In the sixty bedrooms, classic Parisian apartment features can be found: moldings, herringbone parquet flooring, velvet, cabochon and checked tiling in the bathroom, all give an extra edge with stylish decorations such as a canopy-like garland chandelier. A striped sailor-jersey duvet cover is the room’s hallmark.

Just beneath the hotel’s rooftops are three suites with a view of the Opéra Garnier’s angel. These three suites draw inspiration from their dearest pop icons: Piaf, Vian and Gainsbourg. An artistic, inspirational world is emphasized with vinyl players and a selection of records.

Chouchou: An Impressive Three Way Collaboration

Elegancia: Elegancia specializes in Parisian hotel design and management. To date, they have twenty hotels under their belt and still developing, always with the same passion: creating hotels and living places as part of a contemporary culture. For Elegancia, the hotel business is the art of hosting; the art of detail; and the art of designing spaces imagined for users. It is the art of bringing places to life. 

Artefak: Vincent Bastie and his team of enthusiasts have been working for the Parisian hotel sector for over twenty years. They are the minds behind multiple hotels, including some of the French capital’s boldest.

Maison Malapert: Michael Malapert is one of the best interior designers out there today. His hallmark is a comprehensive approach to space. His conviction and inspiration lie beyond practical use: he brings out a place’s extra dimension to enjoy… freeing its energy with layouts anyone can make their own.

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