Featuring shots of your vacation on Instagram is almost a rite of passage when traveling in 2024, and Scotland abounds with some of the most picturesque photo-ops around. From mystical lochs to ancient gothic castles, the following are the top five most tagged destinations in Scotland to help inspire your next vacation (or feed post). 

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Though known to most as the inspiration behind the setting of Harry Potter, Edinburgh Castle is a historic site from the Iron Ages that exudes ancient luxury. The castle once housed royals, military garrisons, and even served as a prison for a period of time, but now welcomes travelers year-round to its aesthetically fortified walls. With a staggering 723,165 posts featuring the hashtag #edinburghcastle, this Instagrammable destination in Scotland overlooks the expanse of the capital city, offering photo ops of the elaborate grounds and nearby waters.

Sunrise at Glencoe


Located within the dramatic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, Glencoe emerges as the second most Instagrammable destination in Scotland, with 607,634 posts under the hashtag #glencoe. This rugged valley, carved by ancient glaciers and volcanic activity, captivates photographers with its towering mountains, mirror-like lochs, and an enchanting atmosphere draped in mist. Iconic photography spots within this fairy-tale landscape include Black Rock Cottage (pictured above), the meandering River Coe, and the tranquil Glencoe Lochan.


Loch Lomond

Coming in third is the enchanting Loch Lomond, adorned with 596,965 Instagram posts tagged #lochlomond. This picturesque loch is Britain’s largest freshwater lake and Scotland’s first National Park (The Trossachs National Park) and features breathtaking vistas of quaint villages, rolling hills, and gentle waters. In addition to capturing the charming setting’s landscapes, travelers can catch a plethora of wildlife, including red deer, wild cats, otters, and golden eagles. 


Loch Ness

Loch Ness might have become famous for the mythical sea monster Nessie, but the freshwater loch is also renowned for its jaw-dropping views of the Scottish Highlands. Securing the fourth spot on our list, with 527,939 posts bearing its hashtag on Instagram, the mysterious setting is the perfect backdrop for your next feed post with Urquhart Castle, a medieval ruin, resting on its shoreline. The castle is 1,000 years old and overlooks the stretch of the country’s deepest lake. 

Scenic view of the Uath Lochans lakes, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland, United Kingdom

Cairngorms National Park

Rounding out our top five Instagrammable destinations in Scotland is Cairngorms National Park, boasting 331,923 posts under its hashtag. As the UK’s largest national park, Cairngorms National Park is a thriving setting that feels alive, with peatlands, lush forests, wetlands, high peaks, and other vibrant terrains from the crushing glaciers of a bygone era. Unique to other picturesque destinations in Scotland, Cairngorms National Park uses photography taken at designated posts to track its changing landscape. There are 24 posts to visit at the park, each offering a unique and scenic setting to capture.

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