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A Guide For Those with a Passion to Travel in Style…

Everyone appreciates being able to enjoy great hotels, wonderful restaurants, relaxing spas, championship golf and other memorable amenities and activities when traveling; whether traveling for business or a personal vacation, traveling with friends and family, or simply traveling solo. LuxeGetaways explores these travel lifestyle experiences in each issue of the magazine and each week on the website, while also looking at the ways to keep it affordable so that readers can always travel in their own personal style.

The LuxeGetaways Methodology 

LuxeGetaways brings a unique vision of today’s travel lifestyle to readers, and showcases the many experiences and trends that can inspire them to think outside of the box, pushing their boundaries to discover a whole new world of travel. Edited for the passionate traveler who lives and breathes to plan the next vacation, LuxeGetaways looks beyond the focus of travel experiences that only one percent of the population can afford by also bringing awareness to alternative options that still provide priceless memories while being more obtainable to a majority of the travelers who still desire an amazing getaway.

Readers today have busy lives, so LuxeGetaways is designed to provide the editorials, helpful hints, best-of guides and more resources in a very manageable format. Most editorials are 500-1000 words to allow for more space dedicated to tips and advice. With an honest approach to travel that appeals to today’s intelligent travelers, LuxeGetaways’ readers include the retired baby boomer generation and the digital-savvy millennials — all who are in search of their next great getaway.

In today’s world as we are surrounded by technology and social media, travelers are savvier than ever before, and they desire great travel with added perks and benefits. Believing strongly in the “high-low” approach to travel, LuxeGetaways makes a point to feature both luxury and value-driven travel options so that readers can plan their getaways with a combination of splurges and value; allowing them to not only travel well, but travel smart.

LuxeGetaways sincerely look forward to sharing more industry news and events on the website, paired with insightful and informative articles to inspire all of you to step out of your comfort zone to explore a new destination this year, or at least begin planning your next getaway!

We encourage you to get involved with us by providing your own experiences (good, bad, or anywhere in the middle) from the destinations, hotels and other travel experiences we share online by leaving a reply; or by joining the conversation on social media. Thank you for being part of LuxeGetaways… enjoy your travels!

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