A trip of a lifetime doesn’t seem to adequately describe the “Around The World” adventure offered by TCS Expeditions. With more than 20 years of providing over-the-top personalized expeditions for clients, TCS Expeditions knows a thing or two about luxury travel and unique travel experiences. LuxeGetaways was fortunate to chat one-on-one with Jean Newman Glock just hours before she departed for the adventure beginning today, August 30, 2014.

Onboard a personalized VIP-Dedicated Boeing 757 private jet that has been fully customized for this trip to accommodate 56 passengers, Jean and the other guests will be enjoying first-class treatment while traveling on this amazing jet, staying with the Four Seasons Hotels and exploring each destination with the TCS expedition leader.

Jean will be joining this amazing expedition, and sharing every step of the itinerary on social media through her own outlets and TCS Expeditions. Follow along as she shares this expedition with the world on her Blog, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

During the travels, you can always stay connected with Jean directly, and urged to send questions, on Twitter using the “hashtag” #ATWJean.


Q&A with Jean Newman Glock of JNG Worldwide

Q. LuxeGetaways: With so many amazing destinations during the 3 weeks, is there a destination that you’re most excited about visiting?

A. Jean Newman Glock: Tokyo, Beijing, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Marrakech? So many to choose from, but my interest this year has become firmly focused on Russia. This will be my third trip to Russia this year. Visiting in the middle of the Ukraine crisis and exploring their history always puts international news in a different focus, and have been fascinated by the newly opened sites.

Top insider choices that I will be sharing from St. Petersburg are the newly renovated rooms of the Alexander Palace—the birthplace of Nicolas II and his last home. His study has recently been renovated and many of the family’s personal effects are now on display. It is very evocative to see the dolls scattered in their playrooms and the sitting room where they often met Rasputin. The latter is very familiar from many family photos. This Palace is right beside the much-visited Catherine Palace in Pushkin, but one I prefer.

Another top choice for past and present is the “Museum of Political History”. Half of this museum is housed in the home of Matilda Kshesinskaya, the mistress of Nicolas II and whose home became Lenin’s base when he returned to Russia. The political history half is equally fascinating in it’s presentation of Soviet times up to 1996. Particularly striking in the portrait of Stalin, depicted behind bars and who our guide told us “Put the entire Soviet population behind bars, but now it is he who they view as the criminal.”


Q. LuxeGetaways: We look forward to following along with your posts during the expedition – what should we expect in each entry?

A. Jean Newman Glock: Not the normal, “This is my hotel room, this is the spa etc. etc.” Most of my followers know the luxury at every Four Seasons stop so I am looking for the more personal, less obvious high notes to make everyone following on all social media platforms feel they are on a “Virtual Around the World Expedition” with me. I also hope followers will ask lots of questions and prompt some of the focus. Much more fun that way! So be sure and follow and send me many comments at #ATWJean.


Q. LuxeGetaways: For this kind of expedition, what’s your secret to battling jet lag?

A. Jean Newman Glock: Wish I had one! For this trip I will actually be circling the globe two times in 24 days as I have to break in the middle to speak at our Owner’s Meeting for Signature Travel Network in San Diego so here is my itinerary: DC, Seattle, Tokyo, Beijing, San Diego, (east to) Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Marrakech, Boston, NYC, DC. How to beat jet lag? Don’t—just live in the moment, which means when you can’t sleep get up and do something—work, exercise etc. The only trouble is when you want to sleep you can’t if you are touring—but I expect my excitement at each site will keep me rolling!


Q. LuxeGetaways: We’ve heard a lot of buzz about these TCS expeditions for years, what makes them so superior in this type of travel?

A. Jean Newman Glock: They are the founders and leaders in Around the World by private jet expeditions. I first met T.C. Swartz almost 15 years ago when I was working with the Smithsonian and they ran our trips as they do for National Geographic and now Four Seasons. Then and now, I find they are always on the cutting edge of how to perfect this unique, experience. I have been privileged to drop in on several of their previous trips (3 times to Easter Island!) but this will be my first —almost full expedition.

LuxeGetaways_TCS_Jean_Newman_GlockPhotos Courtesy TCS & Jean Newman Glock