We have been on the hunt for unique luxury travel experiences to cover that allow for a bit of social distancing, and this one delivers on every level. We are featuring a company that provides superyachts, but the bonus is that you can also charter a submarine. What is better than social distancing while underwater? I cannot think of a more unique way to add even more excitement to your yacht charter vacation, while also avoiding the crowded tourist hotspots.

The need to add excitement to an already lavish vacation will never go away, but the option to charter a submarine is more than simply a luxury amenity. A vessel like this gives you an opportunity to explore the ocean in a way that is simply a dream for many. While we do love the many scuba diving opportunities around the world while vacationing, there is just something that we really love about enjoying these views underwater from the comfort of your seat.

charter a submarine

How To Charter a Submarine

The team at the Netherlands based U-Boat Worx Charters, which is a subsidiary of U-Boat Worx, are the world leader and largest builder of private submarines. Each submarine is designed, engineered and built to the highest possible standards. These submarines are also certified by DNV GL, which is the leading classification society in the marine industry. The certification and knowing the Dutch have been building excellent watercraft for hundreds of years should put anyone at ease.

There has never before been a personal submarine designed and crafted like this, and it allows explorers of the sea to take there time and soak it all in. These submarines can be chartered and paired with your superyacht vacation with ease, adding hours of underwater adventures to your getaway.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROOffAa95eo]

The Conditions To Charter a Submarine

Note that there are a few conditions to chartering a submarine with U-Boat Worx. However, the do make it quite easy as they provide full support and logistics. This is obviously not a toy, so there needs to be some level of guidance and safety precautions. Lucky for you, they take care of all the operational bits, as well the crew and itinerary planning. The other catch is that you need a superyacht which is large enough to carry the submarine; but if that is a problem then they also provide support vessels which can deliver the submersible to your location through a network of support ships.

Ensuring you have an incredible submarine charter experience, their team will make sure you have all the correct dive permits, proper insurance, and the best dive and itinerary planning so everything is done right. So what does it cost to charter a submarine? Well that’s a rather broad question as there are a lot of factors at play including your yacht, location and the crew needed. If you’re interested in learning more, and perhaps taking part in one of the most socially distanced activities of all time, visit their website for all the details.

Learn More: https://charterasub.com