Our purpose and utility used to handle our property can change over the years. For instance, some find that purchasing the surrounding land placed on sale via local farm owners can be a worthwhile investment towards increasing its total real estate value. Some families find it fit to renovate and extend their space as new members of the family are welcomed into the fold.


Yet it’s also true that financial or relational changes can lead to you downsizing, or reassessing the needs you may have for such a space. In this way, such a large investment may seem burdensome or may need to be managed differently now that the financial bedrock you were planning from has changed. 


In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use to seamlessly pass on the value of your property, to move out following a relationship change, or to hold onto the property during an interim period. This is hardly all though, so let’s get started using the advice below:


Occupational Renting


Occupational renting can provide a stop gap financial arrangement for when a buyer moves into a property before the property transfers to their name. While many buyers and sellers wait until the transferral goes through before making adjustments, this can be inconvenient for both sides of the buying and selling process. Luckily, an occupational rent arrangement can be made to help this process proceed with the correct financial reimbursement. You can view this guide asking ‘what is occupational rent?’ for streamlined, accessible information regarding this, as well as gain further assistance as necessary.


Summer Availabilities/Renting Rooms


You may find that letting out rooms to your property as appropriate, or even using it as a rented space while you spend time in your summer house can help you earn more passive income from its ownership, as well as try and convert some of your real estate value without giving up the asset. Using services like AirBnB or allowing for short-term lets as a registered landlord could help you earn more, can keep your house occupied and safe, while also ensuring that productivity is near-assured.


Maintenance From Afar


If you need to spend time away from your property, the real question of ‘who is going to look after this?’ can be pressing. This is especially important when it comes to long-haul travel expeditions you may go on, inspired by something you’ve seen on this blog. Luckily, gardening services can be used, as well as asking your neighbours to park on your driveway to help the property seem occupied. Regular window cleaning bookings can prevent the house from looking disheveled while installing a large mailbox can allow for the secure buildup of mail without packages or other large letters accumulating in a visible space. With these efforts combined, maintenance from afar can be trusted in the mid-term.


With this advice, you’ll be sure to manage should you need to reassess your relationship with your about-to-be-owned or owned property, securing financial possibilities and maintaining it as necessary.