Buying a gift for someone that has a hobby or passion tends to make things easier, as you have a starting point and an idea of what they like. But it’s easy to end up repeating gifts, buying things they’ve already received a hundred times- or end up purchasing items that they regularly buy for themselves anyway (which don’t really have a very special ‘gift appeal’). When it comes to car enthusiasts, things like car care products, cleaning, accessories, air fresheners and similar items have probably been bought for them over and over. Consider going down a different route, here are some cool ideas they’re bound to appreciate. And better still, you might be able to snag some of these things as a very last minute Christmas present!


Car show tickets

There are all kinds of car shows, exhibitions, auctions and other fun car events run throughout the year which could be worth looking into. Have a think about the type of cars the person you’re buying for likes most- do they love luxury supercars, muscle cars, classic cars or sports cars? Have this in mind when you’re searching for events and things to do. 


Driving experience

Driving experiences are popular experience gifts, if there’s a particular type of car (such as a luxury car) or a driving style (such as rallying or drifting) that the person you’re gifting is into then this idea could work well. Another type of experience you could purchase if they want to drive their own car is a track day. The ultimate form of fun for many car and driving enthusiasts, since they’re relatively expensive they make a great main gift. 


Driving game

What’s the next best thing to an actual driving experience? A driving game they can play any time! Games like Drift Hunters gives a fun drifting experience from the comfort of home, they can even help with improving driving technique on the real track since you’re using gaming pedals and a steering wheel. The game comes with a list of real-life cars to choose from to give an authentic driving experience. 


Fuel card

Finally, it might not be the most thrilling of presents but it’s something that will most definitely be used and appreciated. A gift card to use on fuel would be a great gift for the car enthusiast that loves to travel and does a lot of miles, or goes on track days and to other events in their own car. Companies like BP sell gift cards that can be used on fuel as well as things like car washes, food and more at their petrol stations. Avoid purchasing a general supermarket gift card as these aren’t redeemable on fuel.


Do you have a car enthusiast that you buy for, if so, what sort of things do you usually go for? Or if you’re a car enthusiast, what’s the best gift someone has ever bought for you?