It is no secret that Bali is a must-see paradise on the planet. Situated at the world’s largest archipelago, Bali has everything to offer, including a luxury experience you will not find anywhere else. Look no further if you want a little luxury because we have curated a list of what you can do in Bali, Indonesia whether by air, land, or water. 

Private Helicopter Ride Over Mount Agung 


Take a chopper ride around the island and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The helicopter ride can seat up to six people and within the 2.5 hours given, you will be treated to a bird’s eye perspective of Bali’s stunning landscape, as well as access to spots not accessible by road. The gorgeous rice fields and valleys to the rim of the Kintamani Volcano and the volcanic crater of Mount Agung will mesmerize you along the way.

Aside from the comfortable leather seats, the helicopter boasts TV screens and audio systems that will keep you entertained during the flight. Another great idea, you can even propose to your partner here! Whether it is a proposal in the air or letters are written in the sand, everything can be done to ensure you have a wonderful day to remember forever. 

Discover Yourself at Azadi Retreat 

Visit Azadi Retreat if you want to twist and spin every inch of your body to the sounds of the jungle and river below you. This peaceful haven allows you to both liberate your thoughts and relax your body. At their beautiful villas, you can genuinely disconnect from the rest of the world and focus inward. Moreover, the views at Azadi Retreat are breath-taking. 

During your stay, you will see a sunrise through the mist over adjacent rice fields or sunset over Mount Agung. You will also be treated to body-renewing vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as soothing massages at their onsite spa. If that is not enough, you can also arrange for pedicures and manicures to be done on your room’s veranda.

Catch the Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple and Dine at Tugu Hotel


Prepare to be impressed by one of Bali’s most photographed locations with a personalized and elegant dining experience. At the Tanah Lot Temple, you will get to see the stunning sunset and reflect on the sacred site’s beauty. The guide will describe the seven sea temples of Bali, as well as the history of Tanah Lot, which was built in the 16th century. 

As the sun begins to set, capture the moment with your camera as it casts beautiful colors over the temple and the water. Head to Tugu Bali for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. You will enjoy a luxurious selection of imperial foods from the Majapahit Palace as well as authentic seaside cuisine. While savoring these exotic flavors, enjoy the outstanding theatrical performance depicting the royal parades of the King of Majapahit and his entourage. 

Hop on a Cruise to Nusa Lembongan 


If you love being in the ocean, take a trip on the Waka Catamaran yacht to the island of Nusa Lembongan from mainland Bali. There are sandy beaches on the island where you can sunbathe, snorkel, and swim in the crystal-clear ocean. A glass-bottomed boat also allows you to easily enjoy the colorful marine life. The fishing villages, which are surrounded by mangrove forests and seaweed farms would also welcome your visit. 

After you have had your dose of the scenery, head to the beach club to unwind. You can have lunch and refreshments like soft drinks and coffee straight from the coffee machine. As you sail back to Bali, have a sunset cocktail with cheese and crackers while admiring the gorgeous coastal stretches of Lembongan.

Lounge In a Hammock at Camaya Bali  

Nothing beats relaxing in a hammock overlooking a rice terrace surrounded by mother nature. Camaya Bali Bamboo House provides the luxury of staying in a bamboo-made house. There are four villas to choose from, all of which are surrounded by spectacular jungles and evergreen hills. If you stay here, you will not only have bedrooms, but also a private kitchen and an open shower in the villa. 

Other than that, the owner will provide you with a complimentary scooter rental so you can explore Bali’s beautiful surroundings. If you are not into adventures, you can simply stroll around the rice fields and lounge in your hammock while admiring the scenery. Anything that will put your mind at ease.