Your dressing style says a lot about you. It determines the way you see yourself, and also, the way people see you. That’s why it’s important to have a sense of fashion identity and style. Your scent also plays a huge role, which is why it’s important to choose the perfume that fits your personal style and sense of fashion. This might require some research, but when you find your perfect perfume, you’ll never look back. So for that reason, here are some great tips that will help you pick the right fragrance according to your personal style.

Classic fashion style 

Classic fashion style is characterized by the corporate or business world. That includes simple, clean cuts and generally uncluttered business style without flashy accessories or overly bright colors. The main goal of this style is to exude professionalism, so blazers and crisp button-up shirts are quite common clothes pieces to wear. Choosing a perfume for this style means you’ll likely have to go for floral, fresh, and breezy notes that evoke quiet elegance and classic glamour. Iris, jasmine, lily, and rose are good options as they’re understated yet timeless. 

Bold and dramatic style

If you prefer dramatic and bold fashion style, then you’re likely an extrovert who likes being the center of attention. That’s actually great because the world would be a much duller place without you in it! Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right perfume that will compliment all those bright tones and dramatic accessories. Heavy florals, amber, and oriental tones would be a great fit. Cinnamon, musk, vanilla and flowers, and woods are all good suggestions if you want all eyes on you.  

Relaxed, practical style 

In the past few years, sports footwear and activewear have become more mainstream, which has been amazing news to all the people who enjoy the relaxed and practical style. When you prefer hoodies, leggings, sneakers, and oversized jackets, then it means you’re also likely an unpretentious and drama-free person. That’s why natural fragrances that are fresh, simple, and straightforward are the best fit for you. Feel free to check out YSL Libre Perfume Review as its top citrusy/fruity notes will work best with your carefree fashion style. 

Any fragrance that evokes simple and happy emotions will be a great fit. 

Creative and carefree style

Creative individuals tend to be more carefree and less concerned about societal norms and pressures. So if you’re someone who’s creative and artistic, then it’s very likely you’re also quirky and love to express yourself in unique ways. That’s why you might gravitate more toward dynamic fragrances that tend to be intriguing and stimulating. Floral, woody, and spicy scents are more your fit as they evoke feelings of creative originality and joy that come with artistic expression.

Rebellious and edgy style 

Those who are rebellious tend to be more non-conforming and edgy. Hence, if you’re someone who prefers gothic and punk rock-inspired fashion, then you might also fall in this category. Traditional dress codes are therefore replaced with black leather and meaningful political slogans. The best scents to choose should also make a statement of individuality and non-conformism. Notes such as tobacco, honey, and wood are often associated with rebellious style. And since you’re someone who values individual expression, you might also be attracted to underground perfume brands.

Final thoughts

The way you dress can tell a lot about you. But the way you smell can also have a big influence, so choosing a perfume according to your style is a smart decision. When you combine your unique fashion sense with the right fragrance, you’ll feel more relaxed, confident, and stylish.