We all have to admit that rarely do we take the time to think about the time and effort that goes into the process of choosing those little amenities we find in the bathrooms of our hotels while traveling. Of course, those of us who are paid to critique and review hotels might actually take the time to test the quality of these products, but what about the hotels that are looking for ways to further customize the hotel experience?

In Washington, D.C., The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection has partnered with the local company, The Grooming Lounge, to launch the company’s first line of in-room amenities. These exclusive amenities are even specially scented for both men and women. When The Mayflower Hotel was looking for their new bath amenity line, they could have gone with the standard bath amenities from larger companies; but instead they chose to go “local” and team up with the Grooming Lounge Spa and Barbershop, which is conveniently located directly across the street.

These amenities have been in development for almost two years and they have finally been revealed for all to try… and enjoy. The product line is an exclusive derivative from the Grooming Lounge’s original product line and the hotel’s custom-scents, which include: The Best Shampoo Everyday Hair Shampoo, You Need Conditioner Everyday Hair Conditioner, The Best Smeller Body Wash, Core Values Body Cleansing Bar, Mug Cleaner Face Bar and Moist Valuable All Over Moisturizer. The new scents are fresh and clean, with main notes varying from peppermint and eucalyptus to lavender and black pepper.

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LuxeGetaways wanted to explore this exciting opportunity deeper, so we went directly to the sources to get all the details behind this partnership and these unique amenities…

“When we made the decision to elevate our amenities to a more luxurious line of bath products; we wanted a unique product that provides our guests a local experience. We looked no further than our neighbors and DC favorite, the Grooming Lounge. Our guests love the new Grooming Lounge products. At the Mayflower Hotel, we strive to provide experiences exactly like nothing else as part of the Autograph Collection, and with Grooming Lounge’s new amenities we have delivered that promise and more.” 

KORI JOHNSON | General Manager, The Mayflower Hotel, Autograph Collection

“When you’re partnering with an iconic and upscale hotel like The Mayflower, it’s essential to create products of extremely high-quality that not only perform great, but smell amazing and look the part too. We took all this into account when developing Grooming Lounge’s in-room amenities for the Mayflower Hotel. We relied on many of our existing and popular formulas and improved them to not only make them work for both men and women, but also to leave a lasting impression and feeling of confidence in the hotel guest.

The scents are unique and distinctive, but not so overpowering that a woman or man would feel self-conscious about using them. The goal of our packaging was to create something simple and to-the-point, packaging that tells the hotel guest what’s inside the bottle and what they can expect without unnecessary fluff or verbiage. We also wanted to provide generous ‘portions’ so these guests aren’t left banging the bottom of the bottle.”

MICHAEL GILMAN | Founder, Grooming Lounge