The city of Barcelona boasts numerous stylish hotels and rooftop bars, a variety of delicious food, and incredible works of art and architectureWhen planning your visit, indulge in luxury and consider booking a room aone of these two exceptional five-star hotelsHotel Ohla Barcelona or Hotel Ohla Eixample 


Hotel Ohla Barcelona 

Centrally located in the cityHotel Ohla Barcelona is just a short walk from the Gothic QuarterThe hotel’s unique exterior, created by Frederic Amat, a local artist, is a wild display of 1,000 ceramic eyeballs attached to the face of the building. The artwork was created to acknowledge the art deco traditions of the city. 

Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, resides by the sea. On a warm day, spending time at the hotel’s rooftop bar is perfection. The Mediterranean can be steamy, and there is no better way to spend the day than by sipping on a cold glass of cava while dangling your feet in the refreshing pool on the roofThe views are stunning; gaze out over the cityscape, soak in the beauty of the nearby mountains, and stand in awe of the cathedral spires that reach up toward the heavens, this is the perfect way to begin a Riviera vacation.  

La Plassohla, one of the hotel’s restaurants prepares citywide recognized tapas. Order the papas bravas with an incredible tomato and onion sauce with sour cream. It is rich and thick, and the potatoes are tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. 

The 74 rooms at the Hotel Ohla Barcelona range from essential rooms to spacious penthouse suites with several levels in between. The neoclassic exterior of the hotel contrasts with the avant-garde interior design, which is unorthodox and strays from the traditional concept of decoratingGeometrically shaped sinks, walls, and shelves are the design elements of the room taking the place of typical artwork found on the walls or tables of most hotels.  

The focal piece of the deluxedesign room is rectangular glass shower located in the center of the room. A bold black, white and green color scheme creates an exciting and intriguing ambianceOne wall houses the minibar and closet while the other wall with sleek lines and no handles secretly hide the toilette. The square white sink stands out against a solid greentiled backdrop. The king-size bed dressed in a white duvet is a showstopper and invites tired guests to rest comfortably.   

Chef Romain Fornell performs his culinary magic at Caelis, Hotel Ohla Barcelona’s Michelin-star restaurant. Indulge in the chef’s multi-course meal, and then retreat to the rooftop bar and savor aespresso while enjoying the night lights of the city. Vistro49, the wine bar inside the hotel, offers adult beverage late into the eveningFrom start to finish, a stay at Hotel Ohla Barcelona is unforgettable! 

Hotel Ohla Eixample 

The Hotel Ohla Eixample is nestled between chief thoroughfare, Diagonal Avenue; and a prime-shopping street, Rambla de Catalunya. Navigation through the modernist Eixample district is easy due to its grid design that typically makes sightseeing a stressfree pleasure.  

The Ohla Eixample is a new 5-star boutique hotel that features an aweinspiring ceramic façade created from a robotic interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Service at the hotel begins the moment you arriveThe concierge offers detailed guidance to delicious local restaurants and incredible sights. The rooms at Ohla Eixample are designed in an avant-garde style, a symbol of the early 20th-century youth revolution. The color scheme stays within the neutral color pallet with wood paneling embellishments.   

Book a room in one of the hotel’s junior suites for a special treat. After a day of touring, rejuvenate yourself with a soak in the room’s oval tub, or rinse away the stress of the day in the spacious shower. Enjoy a nap in the luscious king-size bed before venturing out again for some exciting nightlife in the city. Unique geometric shapes decorate each room. 

The hotel is near several architectural works by Antoni Gaudí. Both Casa Batlló and Casa Milá are just minutes away from the hotelLa Pedrera is within walking distance, and public transportation is available to reach the Park Güell. La Rambla, a famous tree-lined pedestrian street is nearby with plenty of cafes and shops to keep guests entertained.  

The sky bar on top of the hotel boasts creative cocktails and a stunning view of the city lights. Xerta Restaurant, featuring haute cuisine from Chef Fran López, received its first Michelin-star six months after opening, which says a lot for this restaurant. As an added extravagance, it also offers hotel guests a plentiful and tasty buffet breakfast each morning.   

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