The traditional Thanksgiving meal will always be a favorite for everyone, but we love the opportunity to see amazing chefs doing delicious things with the elements of that Thanksgiving meal that we all love so much. The Watergate will make history this Thanksgiving, with executive chef Sébastien Giannini’s whiskey-infused turkey. The technique involves cooking a turkey roulade from start to finish in a 750 ML-size whiskey bottle. A pioneer in glass-container cooking, Giannini is debuting his award-winning method that won him the role of head coach of the Canadian team in the 2015 Bocuse D’Or Competition in Lyon.

Experience it only at Kingbird for the fall seasonal holiday, where guests can celebrate in a lively atmosphere. Among the best restaurants in Washington D.C., Kingbird offers an ingredient-driven Mediterranean menu with a unique French Riviera twist. Foodies and home chefs will marvel at the process that involves stuffing the Turkey Roulade with Black Truffle Mousseline and aromatizing it with Japanese Suntory Whisky. To finish, it’s placed in the bottle, sealed, and steamed for 36 minutes. When Giannini’s award-winning presentation arrives from the kitchen, all attention is sûr la table.

“Kingbird has gained a reputation for finding unexpected flavors from favorite ingredients, and cooking turkeys in a glass bottle certainly raises that expectation,” said Giannini. “I’ve been intrigued by this technique for years and like to challenge myself by changing the rules and creating new ones for a traditional dish.”

At Kingbird, Giannini has helped earn back the hotel restaurant’s culinary cred that began with the great French chef, Jean-Louis Palladin. Now with techniques and tastes influenced by Giannini’s years working with Alain Ducasse, Frank Cerutti, Philippe Joannès and Guy Gedda, he is reintroducing local area meats, vegetables, and seafood that were central to Palladin’s renowned menu. Giannini’s “turkey in a bottle” is just the latest in a long list of exquisite concepts he has developed in his cooking by working with gastronomic greatness.

  • When: November 25th -28th (Dinner only)
  • Where: Kingbird Restaurant at The Watergate
  • Price: Starts at $129 per person (serves 2 – 4 people) 

Make your reservations now to enjoy this very exclusive culinary experience that your entire table is sure to love. Break-In to a Whiskey-Infused Turkey Roulade at Kingbird…