Tucked within one of the rarest ecosystems in the world lies Río Perdido, a boutique oasis concealed in the depths of Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. The sanctuary is an untouched haven, beckoning travelers to heal within its biodiverse bungalows, therapeutic geothermal waters, and immersive nature excursions. 

Hidden within the depths of a rare dwarf forest in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province, Río Perdido is a therapeutic refuge focused on sustainably-minded wellness travelers and adventurers. The intimate hotel is enclosed within towering trees that veil a dense green canopy over two converging canyons, protecting medicinal-grade volcanic springs. The trees are nourished by mineral-rich waters, also known as Río Perdido —t he lost river. 

Though the hotel is just an hour away from Liberia, on the western side of Costa Rica, the forest is a lesser-known site, once a sacred home to ancient Cabécar tribes, known for harnessing the thermal waters hundreds of years ago. The grounds take up less than one percent of the 1,500 acres of land, preserving the forest and its healing properties with an eco-conscious mind. This commitment to sustainability extends throughout the property, focusing on protecting the land’s native cultural heritage and biodiversity through over a decade of dedicated reforestation efforts.

“Río Perdido is truly unlike any other place on earth, and our guiding mission is to preserve and enhance it while sharing this natural wonder with our guests,” says Gabriel Saragovia, co-founder of Río Perdido, in a press release. 

An extension of its pristine natural surroundings, Río Perdido boasts 30 luxury forest bungalows perched atop an elevated rocky peninsula. Each guest space has been meticulously designed with biophilic principles, offering a sanctuary with furnishings crafted from repurposed natural materials. Each bungalow is connected with pathways among leafy canopy trees, offering a truly immersive experience into the forest’s depths. 

At the heart of Río Perdido lies a dedication to holistic wellness, embodying Costa Rica’s values in Pura Vida (pure life). These principles can be found within the haven’s rejuvenating amenities, including cliffside yoga pods, healing thermal springs, a retreat shala (slated to open later in the year), and therapeutic treatments from Río Perdido Spa. Guests are invited to reconnect with nature and themselves during these experiences, embracing sustainable practices and mindful living with volcanic mud body painting to soak in one of the natural thermal waters dotted along a mile-long river. A trio of crafted mineral pools powered by the natural underground springs are also available at various temperatures, in addition to a swim-up bar for an extra touch of luxury. 

Apart from gentle wellness programs, adventure awaits around every corner for thrill seekers of all types without leaving the confines of the hotel. These excursions include zip line tours, white water tubing, mountain biking through rocky walls (akin to the Red Rocks in Moab, Utah), hiking, and other outings. 

Food is healing, respected, and to die for at Río Perdido, with a culinary program with thoughtful and inspired dishes respective of native traditions. The culinary team exclusively supports local industries without any imports, embracing an ethos of honest and compassionate circular agriculture at every stage, from breeding their own worms and chickens for fertilization to collaborating with local ceramic artisans to create tableware. 

For a truly unforgettable dining experience, guests can reserve a floating platform suspended above the tranquil lost river, where they can savor inspired dishes surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

“As guardians of this land and protectors of its immense biodiversity, we hope to inspire guests through a rare communion with nature to live and travel in ways that better our planet,” says Saragovia in a press release. 

Bungalow rates at Río Perdido start from $416 per night. For more information, visit rioperdido.com.