There is no denying that the Mediterranean has an immense amount of wonders just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous and curious travelers, but why not also enjoy the first-class luxury services and world-class amenities that Regent Seven Seas Cruises provides to guests each step of the way? From free business class air on intercontinental flights, unlimited shore excursions, luxurious suites with private balconies, world-class gourmet dining, and personalized services by a crew of professionals; cruising the Mediterranean with Regent Seven Seas Cruises proves to be the most inclusive luxury experience available today. Regardless of your travel motivations, the Mediterranean is a treasure chest of opportunities for the foodies, art-lovers, history buffs, sun-seekers and savvy shoppers. With unlimited shore excursions in every port of call there is something for everyone. What will you discover?

Food & Wine

It is difficult to not fall in love with the culinary side of the Mediterranean. The fresh ingredients combine with the spirit of the locals to make every meal an epic dining experience – both onboard at the restaurants, and while exploring the local streets along the way. Fresh seafood, wines, olive oils, cheeses and more are waiting to be discovered; and dining options include casual local cafés, Michelin-rated fine dining restaurants, and everything in-between. Venture out of your comfort zone to discover the art of lemoncello in Sorrento, or savor the flavors and local atmosphere by sampling the local delicacies in Nice’s Old Town’s open-air markets and then walking the streets of the timeless neighborhoods. Food just tastes better in the Mediterranean!

Art & Culture

When you look past the awe-inspiring beauty of these ports of call, you discover the heart of these regions – the art and culture. From lesser known artists and influencers to greats like Pablo Picasso, you just feel closer to the artists here in these picturesque old towns. You can even visit the Picasso Museum in Antibes to get a first-hand look at 43 drawings and 23 paintings; and all of this raw talent housed in the historic Château Grimaldi. Or those looking for an exciting way to feel closer to the arts can enjoy classic tapas with Spanish guitar and drum box music while watching a time-honored Spanish ballet with modern influences featuring Flamenco dancing in Mallorca. There are simply no limits to the available arts and culture at-hand in the Mediterranean!

History & Architecture 

Well-preserved archaeological ruins and extraordinary masterpieces seem to be at every turn when venturing into these incredible ports of call that possess so much history. Within walking distance of the ports, or a short ride further inland, history is all around you in the Mediterranean. Being this close to all of these landmarks is both humbling and inspiring. Take the time to appreciate Florence, and don’t miss the unrivaled quartet to medieval masterpieces that includes the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Duomo Baptistery, Camposanto and Campo dei Miracoli. Another mind-blowing experience is to go beyond the standard tour of Vatican City and venture past the velvet ropes to see several exclusive areas that are closed to the general public. Prepare to be amazed with these architectural wonders, and the insider’s access with Regent Seven Seas Cruises while in the Mediterranean!


As many of us discover, there are times during our travels that we need to step-back and allow ourselves to relax while taking-in the grandeur of our surroundings. Soak in that sunshine and explore the beaches and islands that are waiting to be enjoyed. The terrain is diverse, and the locals charming – making for a glorious combination. Rocky hillsides, pebble shores and golden sands are three of these options within the Mediterranean; all with sparkling blue waters that simply wash your cares away with the tides. Perhaps you will choose to walk the black sands of Kamari Beach on the island of Santorini; visit Grotto Azzurra in Capri; or take advantage of all the water sports and cliff-diving opportunities in Ibiza at Punta Galera or Cala Llenya beaches. The days are long and activities plentiful for the ultimate sun-seekers in the Mediterranean!

Treasure Hunters

For many, shopping while in the Mediterranean is an art form. Picture perfect boutiques and open-air markets display a world of riches waiting to be discovered by these treasure hunters – from local artisan finds to high-end fashions. Historical markets like Valencia’s Plaza del Mercado contrasts beautifully with the vintage finds while shopping with the locals along Via del Governo Vecchio in Rome and the finest European designers on the Via Tornabuoni in Florence. The diverse cultures, passionate designers and fine craftsmanship combine to create an endless amount of treasures just waiting to be discovered, and then packed or shipped back home so that you will forever remember your luxurious Mediterranean cruise. Because of these vast possibilities, treasure hunters never leave the Mediterranean disappointed!

The Most Inclusive Luxury Cruise Experience

With 97 ports of call in the Mediterranean like Monte Carlo, Zadar, Barcelona, Cannes and so many more, the opportunities to venture out and discover the many wonders of these exciting destinations are infinite with Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Arrive refreshed with business class air. Unpack only once and while “at home” in your own suite, you travel to multiple destinations throughout the Mediterranean. These unforgettable voyages have something to offer all travelers – complete with unlimited shore excursions and personalized service from start to finish. Explore the available journeys where you too can enjoy the most inclusive luxury cruise experience.