LuxeGetaways Magazine – Spring 2017 | To some, a vacation is not a vacation unless it involves something truly death-defying or at the very least, adrenaline producing — and we are not talking about random roller coasters at your favorite theme park. Think more along the lines of bungee jumping into an active volcano, or free-falling 230 feet with no safety harnesses, or maybe even sleeping hundreds of feet in the air while perched on the side of a mountain. Basically, a lot of activities that involve signing waivers for in-case-of-death scenarios. Sound intriguing? We think so too. That is why LuxeGetaways and Travel Supermarket painstakingly uncovered the top ten adrenaline-junky dream experiences for your next getaway.

“Obviously, some of these adventures are not for the faint-hearted,” adds Emma Coulthurst from Travel Supermarket. “But sometimes it’s good to get a little bit out of your comfort zone; and one thing is for sure – you’ll definitely have a holiday to remember!”

1. The World’s Fastest Zip Line

01-zip-lineNorth Wales, UK
$75 USD

Aptly named “Velocity”, Zip World’s famous zip line is not only the longest in Europe, but also the fastest in the world! Zippers can test their nerve on the “Little Zipper” before tackling the “Big Top of Velocity” and the “Big Zipper,” which often reach speeds of more than 100 mph! The entire course takes a little over two hours to complete, all while enjoying some truly stunning views.

2. The World’s Highest SCAD Free Fall

Soweto, South Africa
$25 USD

Forget bungee jumping! The SCAD Free Fall at Orlando Towers allows adrenaline seekers to simply lean back and fall… over 230 feet with only a giant safety-net waiting below. As the highest free fall experience (and the only one of its kind), this 330-foot hollow tower features a harness system with a quick release, ready to send free fallers barreling toward the suspended catch air device (SCAD) at speeds of more than 60 mph, all on the count of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

3. Storm Chasing in Tornado Alley

14701044_1132293023491292_3453267130003575150_oDenver, Colorado
$2,300 USD

Welcome to Storm Chasing Adventures Tours, the closest Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton wannabe’s can get to their own real life Twister. Offering six-day tours across the Great Plains, also known as Tornado Alley, these tours feature comfortable chase vehicles equipped with high-resolution radar software and communication equipment perfect for tracking down super cells. Regularly used by news crews and filmmakers, Storm Chasing Adventures Tours promises to put guests up close and personal to the tornado action!

4. Swing Over Victoria Falls

gorgeswing3Victoria Falls, Zambia
$90 USD

Swings are not just for children these days. The Gorge Swing at Victoria Falls measures in at just over 300 feet long, and sits nearly 400 feet above the water. Daring jumpers endure a 230 foot free fall before being caught and swung across the width of the gorge — a stunning 1000 feet across. Not ready to take the leap solo? The Gorge Swings also offers a tandem option to swing alongside your fearless friends.

5. Roller Coaster Through the Alps

d_alpine-coaster1Mieders, Austria
$10 USD

Mieders Alpine Rollercoaster offers views unlike any other while still catering to those looking for a thrill ride. Surrounded by a wooded mountain forest, this one-and-a-half mile track takes riders through 40 hairpin turns and a 2,000-foot drop, reaching speeds upwards of 25 mph. For the faint of heart just wanting to enjoy the view, each individual coaster car can be speed controlled for a comfortable (or exhilarating) ride down the mountainside.

6. Speed Riding in the French Alps

page-speedridingFrench Alps
$100 USD

As the newest sport to reach the French Alps, speed riding combines the athleticism of skiing with the areal bonuses of paragliding. Recommended for confident skiers, speed riding allows skiers to reach speeds up to 90 miles an hour in an off-piste location designated for speed riding. With the easily steerable mini-sail, speed riders can “fly” down the mountainside at their own pace and skill level, making outrageous jumps before floating back down to the slopes.

7. The World’s Highest Bungee Jump

bungy-jumpMacau, China
$437 USD

At the AJ Hackett Macau Tower, bungee jumping is not just an amusement park thrill ride…it is a Guinness World Record breaking bungee jumping experience! Measuring in at 764 feet, the tower sends jumpers into a true free fall for four to five seconds before catching them 100 feet from the ground and bouncing them back into mid-air. And for those brave enough to attempt a second leap, the Macau Tower includes special rates to take the plunge again.

8. Bungee Jump into a Volcano

Pucón, Chile
$16,000 USD

Hurling someone into a pit of fire as they dangle from a helicopter by a bungee cord? All in a days work for the guys of As perhaps the world’s most expensive bungee jump, the full experience includes a bungee dip into Villarrica Volcano (still active) from the skid of a helicopter, one day whitewater rafting, one day enjoying the hot springs, and accommodations at a five-star resort.

9. Crash and Splash

surf-snowdonia-blobbing-5_960_516_sSnowdonia, Wales
$20 USD/ hour

Challenge friends and family to a watery obstacle course battle at Surf Snowdonia Adventure Parc. Complete with giant spinning balls, monkey bars, climbing wall, balance beam and rope-bridge, competitors can star in their own version of “Wipeout”. To finish off the competition, the group will enjoy launching their friends from an inflatable human catapult known as “the blob.” And for those wanting to finish off the course on a winning streak, the whole group can attempt to break the “blobber” launch record, set at 72 feet!

10. Cliff Camping

Estes Park, Colorado
$1200 USD

While there are several options for some afternoon cliff stays, the real thrill of cliff camping is an overnight stay suspended hundreds of feet off the ground. A skilled guide teaches climbers the basics of climbing before leading them up the side of the mountain to set up their “portaledge” for the evening. Climbers can enjoy a magnificent dinner view before crawling into their sleeping bags for a dangerous nights sleep.