LuxeGetaways Magazine – Spring 2017 | As the author of The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, I am always on the lookout for products that can make any trip that much better. When traveling by plane, bring special snacks to avoid falling off the diet wagon. These can include dried prunes, which are filled with antioxidants and potassium, and only 20 calories. I also never leave without packing my breakfast of champions – Kashi cereal, raisins and powdered milk. Just add water and you are good-to-go. Packets of almonds, Laughing Cow lowfat cheese wedges, diet bread and flavored water packets are also smart snacks – and more slimming than the hotel minibar.

Visit to stock up on all of your must-have travel sized products, such as cosmetics, foods and personal care items. Make sure to also scan your passport into your Smartphone, and carry photocopies of it in your checked luggage. Last but not least, here is one more thing that you should always travel with: A sense of humor. It packs easily, zips through Customs and is your passport to the best getaway ever – even if you wind up with jet lag. We have put together a few favorite products to add comfort, luxury and wellbeing to your next journey.

1. Oscillococcinum

Oscillococcinum is the top-selling over-the-counter flu medicine in France, and I swear by it. Take Oscillo the moment you feel a headache, body aches, chills or fever coming on. It reduces the duration and severity of these flu-like symptoms, and is even an industry secret found on many Hollywood movie sets. Oscillo does not cause drowsiness, and is widely available in US drugstores and supermarkets.

2. Silk Pillowcase and Eyeshades

Why silk? Because it is softer on your skin and hair than cotton, and it does not cause facial creases and wrinkles. Bring your own pillow on the plane, and top it with a silk pillowcase (and your favorite eyeshades). Add a cashmere blanket and facial moisturizer to create your own nighttime bliss.

3. Bass Weejuns

No matter where I am traveling, I am wearing Bass Weejuns. Not only are they classy, comfortable and high quality, but also more stylish than sneakers. The G.H.Bass & Co. makes the classic loafers for men and women, but they have also introduced some new fashion statements with colors like pink, gold, copper and more. Make them your on-trend travel sole-mates.

4. Scented Towelettes

Herban Essentials makes scented towelettes that smell divine – they are fragranced with real essential oils – and have a million-and-one uses. Use the orange to disinfect your surroundings on the plane (including the tray table), or simply sniff to feel uplifted. Use the lavender to tuck into your pillow at night to induce sleep, or use them to relieve bug bites and to remove makeup. And try the lemon as an aftershave, to clean your computer keyboard, or as a pick-me-up after exercising. They are the best towelettes on the planet.

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