Fashioned as an embodiment of tranquility, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars proudly presents the Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail, marking a historic milestone as the world’s most expensive vehicle (at around $31 million US) and the luxury brand’s third premier dual-body style commission. Arcadia Droptail celebrates refined simplicity and nature’s essence while boldly expressing the owner’s distinctive personal style. 

Commissioned by an individual with a deep appreciation for architecture and design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars debuts the Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail, the third coach-built roadster body from the company. The new body exemplifies the client’s discerning taste and commitment to luxury, characterized by purity and understated elegance.

Taking inspiration from the mythical realm of Arcadia, renowned in Ancient Greek mythology as a paradise of beauty and harmony (AKA heaven on earth), the Arcadia Droptail offers a serene sanctuary to travelers, inspired by the client’s desire for a tranquil retreat amidst the demands of their professional life.

“Rolls-Royce Coachbuild is the pinnacle expression of this incredible brand and an unmatched concept in the luxury sector. In this department, the world’s most influential individuals collaborate with our designers, engineers, and craftspeople to bring new ideas to life. Together, they create exquisite motor cars that not only become a cherished part of the commissioning client’s personal story but also add to the proud history of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars,” says Chris Brownridge, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, in a press release. “Clients curate every facet of these masterpieces, which are brought into being by what I believe is the most talented team of experts in the luxury industry. Arcadia Droptail exemplifies this approach. This motor car is deeply connected to the client’s personality and preferences, and in capturing their character, we have been empowered to make inspiring design, craft, and engineering statements that show the world our ambition and our unparalleled abilities.”

In pursuit of encapsulating tranquility, Coachbuild designers embarked on a journey through the client’s favorite global design influences, drawing from the precision of modernist tropical sky gardens in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam, as well as the organic forms and material honesty of British Biomimetic architecture.

In homage to Rolls-Royce’s principal Droptail design, Rolls-Royce Coachbuild designers crafted a serene, natural duotone color scheme for the coachwork. The client envisioned a timeless white hue infused with aluminum and glass particles, creating a captivating shimmer and an illusion of infinite depth under natural light. Departing from previous commissions, the carbon fiber lower sections are painted in a striking metallic silver, enhancing the car’s dynamic profile.

The interior of the Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail reflects the client’s aesthetic, echoing the style of their residences and business spaces worldwide. The color palette and material treatment serve as a personal signature, with bespoke white and tan leather hues named after the client and exclusively for their use. Wood also aligns the interior’s unique curvatures, including the dashboard’s geometry, door linings, and central ‘plinth’ armrest. A carbon fiber layering technique used in Formula 1 racing cars was used to adhere the wood, with each section taking 8,000 hours to complete. 

The most complex Rolls-Royce clock face ever crafted rests in the Santos Straight Gran wood, representing the pinnacle of haute horlogerie. The bespoke piece features a complex geometric guilloché pattern and polished hands, paying homage to Rolls-Royce’s heritage with subtle nods to the year of its unveiling and the company’s 119th anniversary. This timepiece took two years of development and a five-month process to assemble alone. 

Designed for international travel, the motor car is specified with left-hand drive, allowing seamless use across the globe. To ensure the client’s satisfaction, Coachbuild designers utilized advanced virtual reality technology to enable the client to view the car as it would appear in various locations worldwide before its construction.

“This motor car is one of the most faithful expressions of an individual’s personal style and sensibilities we have ever created within the Coachbuild department,” says Alex Innes, Head of Coachbuild Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, in a press release. “In capturing their spirit, we reveal a unique appreciation for simplicity, serenity, and beautifully restrained elegance – one that was a privilege for me to have been a part of.”

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