In August 2020 there was some ease in the COVID situation for Europe, allowing me to join my family on Ibiza following proper travel procedures and testing. When I did my initial research on safe travel to Ibiza, the first solid COVID resource I found on Google coincidentally happened to be the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay website. And as a self-proclaimed pro-Googler, I could not find a better resource for Ibiza and COVID than Nobu’s.

This was during what would be high season on the world’s most legendary party island, but 2020 had other plans. All parties, clubs, and any crowded situations were canceled. Restaurants and shopping were allowed under COVID precautions. It was said that Ibiza had about half the usual visitors. Spending most of my time at a private villa and restaurants always spacious and open-air, I am lucky to say it was a safe and lovely stay.

Thanks to Nobu, I found out I could get rapid tested at the Ibiza hospital and got my results the next day. It was great to have that peace of mind so quickly since I traveled to visit family. Besides the helpful travel advice, Nobu’s website clearly communicated all the extra work they put into their guests’ wellbeing and safety around COVID.

And this was all before I even had the coincidental opportunity to visit Nobu Ibiza Bay for LuxeGetaways. So it seemed like fate, as I have always loved to visit this calibre of luxury hotel, but had no plans during this visit due to COVID and seeing family. In Nobu’s case, I already felt safe visiting them, plus I wanted to thank them for their COVID resource page.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: Locally-Inspired Luxury

Located on Talamanca Bay next to the marina, Nobu Hotel Ibiza manages to still feel secluded. From here you can get to Ibiza town in five minutes by car and easily walk to restaurants and bars. You can also conveniently valet your car or boat.

The atmosphere was of course relaxed at the time, but you can expect more energy during non-COVID times. That said, most would consider it more of a luxe hideaway compared to larger party-centric hotels in the area. And it’s only a few minutes away from the biggest and best (pre-COVID) parties in the world. Let’s hope that this summer, some level of the parties will be able to safely start up again.

When thinking of Nobu restaurants, a high-end New York aesthetic is what comes to mind for most. At Ibiza Bay, they had no interest in transplanting New York to the Balearic. They wanted to organically fuse what makes Nobu great with the local spirit. When going to Ibiza, feeling like you are on that island (and not anywhere else in the world) is everything.

Local artisans are highlighted through original furniture and decor found around the hotel. At Almacen de Ibiza Bay, their thoughtfully-curated gift shop, you will find offerings from mainly local artisans and brands, with, uniqueness, quality and sustainability all top priorities.

Their wellness offerings include a Six Senses Spa and John Freida Hair Salon. For fitness, they have the latest Technogym equipment, TRX, boxing, and plyometrics on their beach deck. On their spa terrace, you can join yoga and Tai Chi classes while enjoying the panoramic sea view. They also offer personal trainers and usually host visiting practitioners, such as renowned yoga and breathwork teachers.

Their Luxury Ambassador Service can arrange for any activities, excursions, reservations, rentals, or tickets. If you forgot any essentials, they can also run small errands to a pharmacy or supermarket. Besides, not having to abandon your poolside cabana is extra appreciated with COVID still a concern.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: Restaurants, Nobu with local inspiration

You can both indulge and eat clean at Ibiza Bay’s four restaurants and two bars. At night, you can experience iconic and locally-inspired dishes at Nobu. I had lunch at Chambao, their laidback poolside restaurant, where I enjoyed sangria, ceviche, a dessert trio, and a perfect “blind” paella with prawn carpaccio on top. While Nobu is the obvious star of the show, Chambao ended up being my favorite meal of my two-week stay on Ibiza.

Also notable is their Juice Bar offering healthy “Pharmacy Shots”, such as “Flu Fighter” with ginger, lemon, reishi mushrooms, and wild honey and “DNA Repair” with blue-green algae, coconut water, and lime. It sadly was not open at the time due to COVID concerns.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: The right blend of adult and family spaces

I visited Ibiza Bay with my sister, who’s a regular to the island. But this was her first time visiting as a new mom and she was really impressed by the hotel’s offerings for families and how they didn’t detract from the adult luxury experience.

First, they have twin freshwater pools, one for adults and one for families. They are separated by the center of the hotel, giving both pools privacy despite their proximity. The family pool is not a downgrade as you find in many hotels, but a copy of the chic adult pool, making it as welcoming for childless adults that don’t mind smaller neighbors playing nearby.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay already impressed with their premium, locally-inspired, and health-focused experience for adults. They also put the same care into the experiences offered to their younger guests, from toddlers to young teens. Like the hotel itself, their Kids Club stays away from the cookie-cutter activities you find at most hotels.

This Kids Club offers a variety of fun activities that stay true to the heart of Ibiza: music, art, cuisine, and nature. Here kids can truly engage, explore, and express themselves through DJ workshops, art classes, cooking classes, and more. They even offer bohemian foraging sessions to help kids connect with nature and food. And not a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget in sight!

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay: Looking at the 2021 summer season

From their thoughtful COVID-aware website to their effort making guests feel safe and comfortable, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay went above and beyond. With hope growing of travel returning at some level this summer, but with COVID sure to still a concern, this hotel has already shown they are ready for whatever the pandemic throws at them.

Note: Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay will reopen for the season on April 29, 2021.