Belize is an ideal travel destination for 2021 for those looking to experience jungle adventures in a safe way. As a Gold Tourism Standard hotel surrounded by 17 private acres of lush jungle, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers guests unique on site experiences combined with personalized socially distant tours organized by their privately owned tour operator Cayo Gial. The nature-inspired River and Jungle View Suites boast large outdoor living spaces and dining areas perfect for groups or families who want to spend time together in a safe and comfortable setting while submerging into the surrounding rainforest.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel: On Site Experiences

Tea Tasting Medicinal Tour
Found within San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s 17-acre private property, this guided tour will take you through hiking trails for an insightful tour of natural remedies and a hands-on workshop. For centuries, the Maya used local plants and herbs to heal numerous illnesses and pains, including stomach aches, fever, chicken pox, botflies, allergies, and more.

Take a stroll through the jungle as the experienced guide explains the features of the plants and their history. The tour includes a Tea Tasting experience inside a traditional Maya hut using plants foraged for during the walk. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn more about their use, craft your own tea and sip and savor it slowly as you sit in the jungle among the foliage.

Green Iguana Conservation Project
San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s award-winning Green Iguana Conservation Project gives guests insight into efforts to educate the public and create awareness for the threatened Green Iguana. On the Resort’s Iguana Tour, visitors of all ages are given the opportunity to learn about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process.

Critters of the Night
Strap on your headlight and take a night hike adventure for a chance to see the critters of the night and other animals such as leaf cutter ants, wolf spiders, orb waver spiders, cicadas, scorpions, tarantulas, opossums, owls, and maybe a lucky sighting of the sly Kinkajou or Gray Fox! While exploring the trails, you also travel back in time as you witness an authentic Maya chultun located right within the property. Chultuns were underground storage chambers commonly used by the Maya as cisterns for potable water.

On-Site Bird Watching
Found on the grounds of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, the Hotel’s surroundings offer a playground for bird lovers. Known as “the only jungle in town” by local and international visitors , the Resort has been able to document a record of 119 species within the property.  Guests eating breakfast outdoors at the on-site Running W Restaurant are often visited by local birds, including toucans that come to feed on nearby trees. During this tour, you can witness colorful creatures including the Blue Tanager, Blue Crowned MotMot, Warblers, Woodpeckers, Collared Aracari Toucan, and even rare sightings of Belize National Bird, the Keel-Billed Toucan.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel: Off Site Experiences

What allows San Ignacio Resort Hotel to make traveling in Belize uniquely safe and carefree? Its on-site personalized tour company, Cayo Gial Tours. These expert guides are creating socially distanced itineraries that showcase what makes Belize an extraordinary place – its natural beauty, culture, thrilling landscapes and history.

Guests can visit the famous Maya Temples, enjoy Big Rock Falls at Mt. Pine Ridge, embark on a private cave expedition, hop in a canoe and navigate the Macal River, take a guided hike through the rainforest and rappel off a 300- foot cliff, tour Belize’s botanical gardens. To enhance your sense of security and well-being while exploring Belize, Cayo Gial Tours has acquired its Gold Standard Certification in Health & Safety by the Belize Tourism Board – a program that licenses properties who take the highest levels of sanitization procedures to minimize the spread of COVID.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel: River and Jungle View Suites

Ideal for small groups and families of all ages, the Resort’s River and Jungle View Suites accommodate up to 6 guests. They boast large outdoor living spaces with lounge chairs and dining areas designed for guests to come together and enjoy scenic views of the Macal River, its surrounding rainforest valley and Belize’s natural jungle setting. For larger groups, the Jungle View Suite is available as a connecting room with the River View Suite, and children 11 and under stay for free. Guests staying in one of these new suite categories can enjoy complimentary access to the Green Iguana Conservation Project.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel: