Fitbit has released a style game changer in the connected health and fitness industry with the Fitbit Alta. Sleek and fashionable for both men and women, the Alta features premium bands that can easily be interchanged to fit the user’s personal style. The Alta can not only keep wearers informed with the everyday tracking Fitbit is known for, but it can also provide all-day advanced fitness motivation and other new features.

I’ve only been using my Fitbit for several months, but I’m already hooked. After a month of using my Flex, I was thinking of upgrading to the Blaze, but thought it was a little too big for me. I was so happy to find out Fitbit was releasing this new slim and sleek tracker that has a number of similar features of a smartwatch, and more.


Design wise, the Fitbit Alta has a modular look with a satin finish, with a stainless steel tracker body that features the ability to interchange the bands. A line of stylish interchangeable bands in multiple popular colors and premium materials are continuing to become available. They include a textured take on the classic fitness wristbands, soft and premium hide leather bracelets with a natural grain, and a luxurious, hand-polished silver bangle. The tracker will also soon be available in a stunning, shiny gold stainless steel as well.

New Tech Features:

LuxeGetaways_fitbit-alta_classic-fitness_1Along with the aesthetics focus, the Alta provides new tech upgrades for Fitbit. First, there’s a new feature called ‘Reminders to Move’ that can help the wearer reach health and fitness goals by notifying them when it’s time to move (which can be programmed to be the hours of the day they’d like to be notified). The other cool tech feature is the SmartTrack, which helps the Alta automatically recognize what kind of exercise the users is doing to provide a smarter (and easier) way to track workouts in the app. Everything from the elliptical to kickboxing to tennis can be automatically registered.

Other Tech Features:

An easy-to-read, vibrant OLED tap display shows your activity stats, and the time. When near your smartphone, the Alta will also send you notifications of phone calls, texts and calendar notifications. Another benefit is that the battery is pretty strong, giving a single charge the ability to last up to five days.

Note: The Fitbit Alta is priced at $129.

Story & Photos Courtesy Andrew Villagomez of VeeTravels