ADAPT 660 is one of several audio solution headsets recently launched by EPOS/SENNHEISER. ADAPT 660 utilizes Alexa Voice Assistant to communicate with ease; and it is the first to enable voice pick-up through AI technology. The headset features a state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system that eliminates low frequency and steady noise, which establishes a quieter environment that ensures maximum productivity.

The United Communications (UC) optimization upgrade option means that the headset is optimized to work with softphones and computer programs that act like actual phones interchangeably, affording users the ability to switch between the two Bluetooth® paired devices. ADAPT 660 features a single button that launches Microsoft Teams, the ultimate messaging app that creates a space for everyone in a network or company to join real-time meetings and share apps and files.

“We are very proud to launch this new product range, which marks an important milestone in EPOS’s journey as a new premium audio brand on the market, says Theis Moerk, Vice President of Product Management, Enterprise Solutions. “Each headset is a key component designed to empower the modern workforce by fusing advancing audio technology with high-quality craftsmanship and design.”

EPOS is a new audio and video company developing and selling devices for professionals and gamers. Although new, it is part of the Demant Group that boasts 115 years of innovation and sound experience. EPOS’s superior technology caught the attention of Otmar Szafnauer, Team Principal and CEO, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team. Otmar invited EPOS to become a global partner to assist in streamlining communication with the Formula One™ Team.

Jesper Kock, VP of Research and Development at EPOS, said, “Our headphones remove all the background noise with both passive and active noise cancellation. Our acoustical lenses only pick up the voice coming out of the user’s mouth, creating uninterrupted communication between the speaker and the listener. This technology goes beyond similar products and is critical for our gamers, business professionals and Aston Martin partners. We are working hard to push technology to the limit of what is possible and to unleash the true potential of people in the gaming and communication fields.”

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EPOS ADAPT 660 Headset | Pros

  • Outstanding audio quality boasting superior high and low frequencies
  • Tasteful contemporary design
  • Ergonomic design ensuring hours of comfort
  • Cancels consistent noise
  • Premium sound system for music
  • Superior sound quality for both the listener and the speaker during phone calls
  • Develops algorithms to optimize voices allowing the three microphones to create a familiar sound experience
  • Easy tap-and-hold button to activate Alexa
  • Crafted to last with high-quality, robust materials

EPOS ADAPT 660 Headset | Cons

  • A bit complicated for non-techies
  • When in a quiet space, intermittent noise still interrupts the silence, but those sounds are muffled.

EPOS ADAPT 660 Headset | Final Thoughts

The ADAPT 660 is a fantastic communication device for gamers and professionals working from home, the office or anywhere else in today’s ever-changing world.

LuxeGetaways - Luxury Travel - Luxury Travel Magazine - Luxe Getaways - Luxury Lifestyle - EPOS ADAPT 660 Headset - Product Review