Long-haul plane trips are not always enjoyable. Of course, it also depends on where you are seated; but even up front in First Class, I have hated the poly PJs that heat up, despised the lumpy excuse for a mattress, and punched down pillows that offer no support. “Oh boo-hoo,” you say? Well I have also had similar problems with scratchy pillows and itchy blankets in Business and Economy. Listening now?

Well, American Airlines apparently has listened. Along with their partner, Casper, a company founded on the mission of improving sleep – the company produces premium beds and has about one million happy sleepers. Now, American Airlines is offering Casper products designed specifically for air travel in their First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy. Product availability will vary according to route and aircraft type, but all are from Casper’s award-winning engineering team and offered on American’s international and transcontinental flights.

The rollout of eight new sleep products will include a mattress pad, pillow and pillowcase, lumbar pillow, duvet, blanket, pajamas, and slippers.

Here is the “flight checklist” from Casper:

  • Mattress Pad: designed to smooth over the grooves in the seat
  • Pillow and Lumbar Pillow: one is for sleeping, one for relaxing
  • Pillowcase: airy, crisp and breathable
  • Duvet: fluffy chambers adjust temperature according to attitude
  • Blanket: soft and breathable
  • Pajamas: an ultra-soft “sleep suit”
  • Slippers: super comfy

The on-board experience with Casper products will begin soon with American Airline’s December flights. Here’s wishing you a more comfortable experience aboard…

Learn More: http://luxegetaways.info/american-air-casper

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