Washington, DC is much more than just monuments and memorials. With eclectic neighborhoods, a fantastic culinary scene and an avant-garde touch, it has a lot to offer – making it a fantastic weekend getaway…

•• Classic Luxury ••

What To Do: We arrived to DC on a Saturday, which is perfect with city being quiet, the traffic lighter than normal and it feels like you have the entire District to yourself along with other tourists venturing around the sights. Make your way to the “Museum Row” as DC is in a league of its own when it comes to world-class museums, many of which are free to visit. Wander the halls of the Smithsonian Institution museums, explore cool off-the-Mall knowledge centers and discover groundbreaking exhibits and works of art right here in the nation’s capital. After an afternoon of exploration, art discovery and history in the country’s most prestigious museums, a well-needed pause is necessary.

Where To Stay: Discover the newly renovated Fairmont Washington, complete with refurbished guest rooms; a spectacular lobby that showcases the work of local artists and sneak peaks of the city’s history; and the splendid courtyard where you can enjoy house-made cocktails, breakfast or lunch from the in-house restaurant, Juniper. Staying at the Fairmont Washington is like walking into a museum of good taste and refinement. You will absolutely want to unwind in the beautiful lobby when taking a break from shopping and sightseeing around the District. It is the ultimate place to relax and press pause during your DC getaway.

Where To Eat: The restaurant scene is unbelievable in DC, considering it is where “everything is happening” in the country. When you visit, you will experience a dining scene as colorful and eclectic as America itself. As an example, celebrity chef José Andres opened is very first restaurant in DC, the city he now calls home and where he owns more than 10 restaurants. Many of them are also pilot projects or “only in Washington” kind of places. A true foodie-paradise.

•• Modern Luxury ••

What To Do: DC is not alone in this, but one where electirc scooters and bikes are scattered throughout the city for locals and tourists. If you want to get around DC, there is no better way than an electric scooter. You only have to download the app on your iPhone (bird, lime, etc.) and scan the barcode of your new “ride” before taking off on your adventure. Just be warned that DC drivers are not known to be the safest drivers out there, so be cautious! With more than 60 miles of bicycle trails, you are able to see a different side of DC when explored by scooter.

Where To Stay: The very cool and ultra-sleek Park Hyatt Washington is where you should stay if you are looking for the perfect hotel that combines luxury with top-of-the-line amenities and service. Indeed, the chic Park Hyatt Hotel welcomes you with two show stopper glass boxes in the lobby where you can admire the very famous DC cherry blossom trees. The rooms are modern, minimalist and very chic with a touch of boldness. The on-site restaurant, The Blue Duck, serves one of the best brunch options in the District, and the hotel patio also is always packed. This is a sexy property that you should definitely consider for your DC getaway.

Where To Eat: There was a lot of hype on Rose’s Luxury Restaurant after Netflix decided to film a documentary on their opening. Some say it wasn’t delivering on the expectations, but we completely disagree with these rumors. Rose’s Luxury is a wonderful restaurant that serves honest, thoughtful, mindful, colorful, tasty and creative dishes in a mind-blowing decor. The team behind Rose’s Luxury is passionate; so much that they also opened a “day restaurant” called the Blue Pearl where they serve amazing coffee, breakfast and lunch items nearby. Two amazing places to check out if you are an adventurous foodie visiting DC.

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