We’ve recently seen quite a few vacations catered towards those who want to get away from the “normal” world as we’ve come to know for the past couple of years. Travel has coming roaring back, but it still isn’t entirely safe and many precautions are in place to ensure Covid-19 isn’t spreading. Private jet travel and luxury travel in general has been a very busy industry and one of those companies hailing from Latin America is trying to make it as safe as possible.

The demand for these types of vacations seems to be rising as many resorts and travel providers scramble to offer their clients trips that won’t impact locals. This is an important aspect as you really don’t want more people bringing in Covid, nor does the tourism sector want its business to suffer any further than it has in the past two years.

not so dark winter luxury villa

Farringdon Jets recently launched their “A Not So Dark Winter” escape which takes up to seven guests to Mexico for an entire month of getting far, far away. This excursion takes you from your front door directly to your private luxury villa in Cabo. The guests will have a small but nimble staff for the duration of the vacation where everyone is previously isolated, tested regularly and fully vaccinated.

With your own private beach, pool, tennis court, mini-golf and more space than you’ll need this villa makes sure you won’t feel isolated. Your family can enjoy all the vacation aspects while still having the ability to work if needed since you’re away for an entire month. WiFi signal boosting ensures that you can work from the pool or the beach if need be, although I imagine this environment makes it hard to get much done.

Farringdon Jets also has a small fleet of helicopters on stand-by for guests to do excursions in places with no people so no one gets impacted. You’ll be able to go to remote beaches for picnics, morning yoga sessions or fly to a remote spot for an incredible hike in nature. Farringdon Jets wanted to make sure you got to still do activities while keeping outside contact to an absolute minimum.

After two weeks of bliss at your villa, you’ll be moved onboard one of the finest superyachts in all of Mexico to do more touring, lounging and eating extremely well. The same strict health measures are in place on board and your crew will have been tested and isolated long before you board.

This bit of the experience allows you to change up the scenery as you sail around enjoying the sunny weather, private beaches in remote bays and playing with all the water toys onboard. I was told that your helicopter fleet is still there waiting in case you’d like to do more sightseeing and exploring off yacht, all while still keeping away from any crowds.

While it may seem all a bit overboard, it certainly makes it as safe as possible for everyone involved and guests can rest easy knowing they’re not causing any health issues abroad, all while supporting local tourism operators. I can only imagine the planning and setup involved with this travel getaway, but that’s what it takes to provide this level of safety during these wild times.

So what is the cost to have a ‘Not So Dark Winter‘ you may ask? The starting point is around $500,000 USD but it all depends on your level of customization and needs of course. The team at Farringdon Jets can also setup the getaway relatively fast as they’ve planned accordingly for those who want to get away as soon as possible.