As the allure of long-distance treks grips the wanderlust community, Wildnerness Group, a global brand of renowned travel experts and guides, is set to host three world-class hiking adventures in 2024 in England, Ireland, and Scotland.  

With adventure travel on the rise, travel experts have found that long-distance hikes are also surging in popularity. (In fact, in 2023, almost half a million people from around the world hiked the Camino de Santiago in Spain.) To cater to this trend, Wilderness Group, a collective of award-winning local guides and travel experts (comprised of Wilderness Scotland, Wilderness Ireland, and Wildness England), will host three world-class hiking adventures this year in England, Ireland, and Scotland. 

england hiking

England Coast to Coast 

Spanning from the serene shores of the Irish Sea to the rugged beauty of the North Sea, this 13-day world-class hiking adventure takes travelers from one side of England to the other, beginning in the quaint town of St. Bees and concluding in the picturesque Robin Hood’s Bay. 

Under the guidance of Wilderness England’s seasoned experts, participants delve into the region’s rich history, encountering three national parks, medieval castles, historic estates, revered monuments, and ancient standing stones along the 100-mile trek. Each evening, explorers will unwind in carefully selected accommodations and savor the finest local fare before continuing their venture. While the England Coast to Coast trek presents challenges, it is a gratifying experience priced at $5,847 per person, with select departure times available between July 7 and Oct. 11. 

“One of the key attractions of epic hiking trips is the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a challenging trek,” says Matt Loveland, managing director for Wilderness England, in a press release. “Whether it’s reaching a summit, completing a long-distance trail, or exploring a remote wilderness area, finishing any one of these hikes leaves travelers with a profound sense of achievement and a lasting memory of their adventure.”

ireland hiking

The Dingle Way

Led by some of Wilderness Ireland’s most experienced outdoor guides, The Dingle Way takes hikers along Ireland’s western coastline in County Kerry’s Dingle Peninsula. This remarkable site encompasses an internationally celebrated hiking trail, where travelers will revel in The Dingle Way’s awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient neolithic landmarks, acclaimed culinary delights, traditional music, panoramic coastal vistas, unspoiled white sand shores, and the vibrant personalities of the local community. 

During this seven-day world-class hiking adventure, tour guides will delight hikers with insights into the history, geology, wildlife, and folklore of this unique corner of the world, with flexibility for leisure activities on select days. This invigorating experience is $3,730 per person, and departure times are available between July 6 and Aug. 23. 

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The West Highland Way 

A love letter to long-distance hiking, the West Highland Way in Scotland spans 95 miles from the outskirts of Glasgow in Milngavie to the Highlands’ Fort William. Along the way, hikers traverse the enchanting banks of Loch Lomond, cross the atmospheric Rannoch Moor, pass through the dramatic Glencoe, ascend the challenging Devil’s Staircase, and culminate their adventure at Fort William, just beneath Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis.

Participants can expect to delve into the region’s rich history and folklore and discover the diverse flora and fauna with the invaluable guidance of their Wilderness Scotland guide. The world-class hiking adventure is $3,395, with departures between June 10 and Sept. 9 (a women ‘s-only adventure is also available).

“In addition to the physical challenge, these trips also offer travelers the chance to connect with nature in a meaningful way,” says Loveland, in a press release. “Walking through pristine wilderness areas, spotting wildlife, and soaking in breathtaking views can be a deeply rewarding experience that fosters a sense of appreciation for the natural world.”

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