Many collectors find themselves browsing the M.S. Rau Antiques website with an inventory that never seems to disappoint. A few items recently caught our attention, especially with perfume not often having a lot of excitement for collectors. These bottles by Thomas Webb & Sons are anything but stale, and worth highlighting.

Thomas Webb & Sons was an English glass company just outside of Stourbridge, England, and it was founded in 1837. While they were known for making all sorts of Cameo glass pieces, these perfume bottles are items that will stand the test of time for collectors. They instantly hook you in with their attention to detail, and almost life like quality. Each one of these pieces has been crafted by hand and goes to show the talent and craftsmanship by the British company.

Albatross Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle

First up is this Albatross Cameo glass perfume bottle that is an ultra rare piece from the company. Each feather on the perfume bottle is intricately rendered, and it brings that touch of depth to the overall piece. The cap on the end was done by Parisian silversmith Gustave Keller, and is packaged together with the original case by Keller.

Swan Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle

The next bottle is a magnificent Swan Cameo glass perfume bottle that shows off that incredible design work. This perfume bottle also comes capped with an 18K yellow gold cap by British goldsmith Sampson Mordan to complete its look. It also comes with its original case which still looks to be in almost new like condition, and will ensure this antique stays in great shape for many years to come.

Floral Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle

Last but not least is this floral Cameo glass perfume bottle, which certainly reflects the design style of many of their vases. The markings on the cap indicate this perfume bottle was handcrafted in 1883 with the maker’s mark “SM” for Sampson Mordan. This is the “cheapest” bottle of the bunch listed today, most likely due to the lack of a box and the design isn’t as wild as the birds…but there is a collector for everything out there.