Most yard signs are usually corrugated plastic material with fluted vertical or horizontal designs. If you choose vertical fluting, you may want to select H-stand for its installation. Regardless of all types of stakes, these signs can go anywhere in the yard, lawn, traffic intersections, etc. These yard signs can typically have a thickness of 4mm. Some can be thicker than these too. As for material, corrugated plastic is the best option. People buy these signage boards for display in yards, but these can be suitable for any place. If you want your customers to place an order for these, make sure to come up with excellent designs based on the popular requirements. 

To be precise, yard signs can be relevant on multiple occasions. You have to identify those goals and create something accordingly. Let’s find out when businesses and individuals need them.

Demand for yard signs

Newborn arrival

First-time parents may want to celebrate their parenthood on a grand scale. So, they may need a yard sign on the occasion of bringing their kid home. Nowadays, it has become a trend. Many people welcome their infants in style. And a yard sign comes in handy for them in the whole preparation.


Your customers may want smaller yard signs for birthday parties. In this case, the yard sign usually contains name, age, and other messages about the person in concern. 

For sale

Companies and sellers use yard signs to spread awareness among prospective buyers when it comes to selling properties. Since anyone can read these boards even from a distance, they expect these to offer excellent reach. The size preferences for the signage can vary from client to client, though.

For rent

One of the best ways to advertise rental properties at a lower rate can be this. Landlords may need these signboards for their lawns to let people know about the availability. 


Both businesses and individuals may be interested in dog and pet yard signs for their type of requirements. For example, someone running a pet grooming salon may need a yard sign to attract customers. Or, some places can require such boards to warn visitors about dogs. More precisely, reasons for opting for this can vary. But everyone wants it for a specific need. Hence, it is crucial to understand their demands. 

Valentine’s Day

On this day, many places organize parties. They can also order yard signs to promote the event.  


Both businesses and people host holiday parties. For them, holiday designs can be the perfect way to express their gratitude and emotions. They can use yard signs for the promotion of an idea or theme. Christmas, New Year, 4th of July, and other such events can go quite busy. 

Where to place an order for yard signs?

Are you aware of wholesale yard signs? Whether you are a print seller or reseller, you can look for wholesale printers for help in this area. These vendors take orders from you based on your specifications and provide a choice to get things delivered to the proper destination. Your customers will not learn about them as they keep things discreet. Hence, you don’t have to worry about losing your loyal customers, regardless of who they are, such as small companies, individuals, or just about anyone.

However, not every wholesale printer can be reliable. A bit of background search becomes necessary before you fully trust it. If you don’t know anyone yet, ask for references from your family and friends. Or, you can look up the internet. Focus on expertise, experience, and inventory. If you find other printers talking positively about them, you can take a chance. Still, don’t take hasty steps. You can open your account on their platform and place a sample order to understand their quality of work, pricing, etc.  From product quality to customer service, you can gain a quick insight into everything. So, make sure to do due diligence. 

If you are successful in this, you can expect to get your order ready at a much lower price than anywhere else. You can sell the same thing to others for a higher retail price to book profit. 

Yard signs witness tremendous demand almost throughout the year. Easy transferability, cost-effectiveness, exposure, and durability make them an ideal pick for everyone. Hence, if you specialize in these items, you don’t have to stress. You can design your sign and leave the printing and shipping burden on the wholesale printer. It will remove your maintenance cost to a great extent since you don’t have to keep any printing machinery. Also, you can run your business from a small corner of your house with a few essential supplies. 

So, find the right printing partner, open your e-commerce site, get orders, and pass on the responsibility to the wholesale printer. While they take care of the rest of the things, you can expand your business by entertaining more customers.