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PC: Villa Bramasole | Cortona, Italy

5 Villas that You Will Never Want to Leave. Ever.

If there was ever a time to plan a villa holiday, that time, undeniably, is now. Villas, as opposed to hotels, are a natural choice for social distancing. They are inherently secluded, and allow guests to spread out. They can often erase the need for babysitters and restaurants, since a […]

Luxury Villa Rentals: Villas with Forever Views

Luxury Villa Rentals: Villas with Forever Views

While many luxury villa rentals have beautiful gardens, ocean, lake and mountain views, and are set in locations with spectacular scenery, LuxeGetaways is particularly fond of ”forever views” that simply transport you… leaving any hints of your stress or problems miles and miles away. Here are some of our favorite […]