Whether new to the motor yacht market or having already enjoyed many yacht charter experiences, there comes a time when yacht purchase becomes an extremely attractive option. With a vast increase seen over the last two years in the safety and security provided by a superyacht, entering into the elite club of yacht ownership has become ever more desirable. A private yacht purchase can be an exciting, intricate and sometimes overwhelming procedure involving many choices when considering the array of luxury yachts for sale on the market. An integral part of decision-making is to acquire the invaluable services of an established yacht broker who will offer reliable insight throughout the entire purchase process. A vital resource, superyacht brokers act as an exclusive consultant and their objective is to always protect a clients’ interests, starting from initial discussions through to final yacht delivery and beyond. 

There are many benefits to yacht ownership, notably the flexibility to travel where you want, when you want and discovering a new view every day. One primary consideration when buying a superyacht is to combine the envisioned aesthetic and functional qualities. The list of options can be daunting, but in the mix are building a brand-new yacht from the plans up, looking at imminent new custom launches or choosing from the pre-loved selection on the market. A key factor here will be the timeframe, for example a build can take up to three years, whereas a second-hand option could be ready for summer cruising within months. Another essential ingredient will be the appointment of captain and crew, where again a knowledgeable broker can help in fulfilling the type of atmosphere and level of standards to be attained on board. Working on the early engagement of a captain can be advantageous to further support a purchaser, plus a perceptive eye when it comes to employing crew members.

When buying a superyacht the route can take different amounts of time and is not necessarily always a straightforward task, as with any considerable financial commitment. Even if you have had the experience of owning a yacht before, upgrading to a larger or different model needs a good deal of thought, experience and attention to detail. Whether prerequisites are new or used, speed and style, or space and facilities, working with a reputable sales adviser is essential to avoid any pitfalls and to ensure the right fit. 

A luxury yacht broker will take time to listen to and assess a clients’ preferences, criteria and budget, enabling them to narrow down a selection of suitable yachts as a starting point. In addition, they may often be able to locate yachts not otherwise available for sale, facilitate attendance at yacht shows and effortlessly arrange viewings, sea trials and surveys thanks to extensive network contacts. This appraisal of personal importance to all contributory elements is a fundamental factor when buying a superyacht but guided by comprehensive and honest advice from a dedicated broker, the narrowing down process for selection should be a positive and insightful experience. First time buyers, who may not have previously considered exactly what could be involved along the way within this acquisition procedure will benefit from brokers’ detailed questions and subsequent research to delve deeper into important criteria so as to proceed in the right direction. Determining how the yacht will fit intended activities and specific tastes, whether it will also be available for charter, together with crew requirements, become big drivers that need thorough discussion and often prove a large influence on style and design choices. 

Jeremy Comport, Senior Sales Broker at Ocean Independence explains why it is so important to engage the skills of a broker when buying a superyacht, “They should help to crystalise the general thoughts of what a client can expect from their yacht, basically in terms of facilities, amount of interior volume, deck space and the type of tenders and water toys they want included on board. Additionally a broker needs to gain a full understanding for the areas of intended operation whilst getting a good idea of preferred styling for exterior lines and take into account the interior design”.

Essentially a yacht broker has one main goal to achieve, to successfully secure a yacht that fulfils the clients’ specific needs, whilst also being technically sound, well maintained and of course purchased at the best possible price. To have the entire purchase process facilitated by a trusted broker means that legal, technical and logistical negotiations can be confidently carried out with the benefit of consummate business know-how. As well as professional assistance and advice that serves to allay concerns with ease, clients often find a true friendship during this shared and intense journey involving considerable investment of time and emotion.

Therefore it is clear when buying a superyacht creating a firm broker-client relationship pays dividends. However, this unique connection certainly does not end once a sale is completed and brokers remain available to advise on all aspects of yacht ownership, from operational management and charter to berthing and ongoing maintenance. For example, if a yacht refit or refresh is needed, management of this can be directed with professional expertise alongside a broker who already knows the yacht, and client, inside out. In essence, a good broker will think with you and for you, resulting in a successful purchase and a highly positive yacht ownership experience.

Whether passionate about yachting, longing for the freedom of time on the water or looking to create family memories that last a lifetime, the lifestyle afforded by owning a yacht will be one of the best things you ever do.


Whether buying or selling, a yacht is a significant investment that should be handled by a professional broker to ensure that your expectations are always met with the highest level of service. For more information on Ocean Independence’s yacht brokerage services, please contact enquiries@ocyachts.com