LuxeGetaways Magazine – Spring 2017 | Memorable journeys are the ones where experiences leave unforgettable marks upon the senses. As travelers, it is life enriching to see something extraordinary with our own eyes; hear untold stories from local characters; feel warm sand between our toes or catch a cold snowflake on our tongues; smell freshly baked bread or a heavenly scented flower; and to taste the freshness of local ripened fruits and veggies. Our sixth sense yearns for adventure, physicality, excitement and balance. Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas specialize in heightening senses through relaxation, wellness, and exploration in locations that promote a feeling of harmony with host cultures. The brand is committed to the local environments (protecting natural resources) and social sustainability (hiring as many locals as possible).

For some, a voyage to a Six Senses destination is an initiation into wellbeing. For others, it is an opportunity to improve their fitness, or try new things. The integrative programs commence with Fusionetics Screenings designed to provide feedback on personal fitness levels. Based upon the results, nutrition, sleep, and health suggestions are offered to guests. For instance, Six Senses Samui is on the lush Thai island that offers Yogic Sleep lessons with the goal of improved slumber, and a deep level of relaxation for those whose tests reveal a poor level of rest.

For the many workers who spend most of their days behind a desk yearning for more action while on vacation, the atoll setting of Six Senses Laamu in the southern Maldives provides ample opportunity to delight adrenaline junkies. Surf the famous Yin Yang wave that breaks offshore of the resort, or take a night dive to watch the fish hunt.

Urban dwellers itching to escape to faraway lands, but cannot afford the time (or expense) to fly halfway around the world might prefer to take “staycations” in their home, or nearby cities while enjoying a day spa. Six Senses rue de Castiglione in Paris transports spa goers to Japan via their Hanakasumi ritual using rice powder and cherry blossoms to exfoliate the skin followed by foot acupressure and a heated Shea butter nourishing finale. North Americans will soon rejoice as Six Senses has announced they are opening a destination hotel and spa in New York City in 2019.

It is true that Six Senses is about wellness and relaxation, but balance and pleasure are also parts of living an authentic life too. Wine and foodie enthusiasts flock to Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal – lured by the breathtaking vine-covered rolling hills, and the proximity to some of the best and oldest wineries in the world. The organic gardens produce exceptional produce adding a truly farm-to-table experience like no other.

Whichever sense is strongest (or most important to you) can help determine the direction that you should take for vacation. We have a “sixth sense” that any of the locations and destinations under the Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas umbrella will satisfy them all.

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