There is a trend in luxury real estate that has become even more important to buyers in recent years. Many high net worth individuals have forever felt the desire for their own private space away from curious eyes, but privacy is becoming more trendy these days. There are communities that have chosen to focus on lower density rather than over-development, which often means fewer neighbors, but a higher quality of life. To explore this further, we have explored three developments that have a clear plan on how they will each provide residents with more privacy, paired with a lovely community to call home.

Palmetto Bluff

Bluffton, SC

Located in the heart of South Carolina, Palmetto Bluff is surrounded by rich history, stunning beauty and cultural heritage. It is the largest remaining waterfront property on the East Coast, and home to the only East Coast Montage resort and spa. Currently evolving as a residential community and conservation preserve, the 20,000-acre development is surrounded by 32 miles of riverfront and features extensive nature trails. When the land was purchased in 2000, the ownership group realized the environmental integrity, and they immediately created the Palmetto Bluff Conservancy to ensure that the stewardship practices of previous owners were continued.

To keep sacred what is so special about Palmetto Bluff, the ownership group set out to develop the community with one primary priority: preserving the unique natural environment of the property. Jay Walea, who has worked at Palmetto Bluff since 1990, serves as director of the Conservancy and today works closely with Palmetto Bluff to ensure the destination’s natural resources and vast wildlife is not only intact, but flourishes alongside the planned development. Since 2003, Palmetto Bluff has protected hundreds of acres of land through conservation easements and significantly reduced the number of homes that were originally planned, cutting the number almost in half. Today, Palmetto Bluff has the long-term plan of developing another 3,000 homes. A portion of every home site and home sale helps fund the non-profit organization.

“Palmetto Bluff is 20,000 acres – one and a half times the size of Manhattan – yet, we’ll never have more than 4,000 rooftops here. The land is what makes this place so special, which is why we’ve already dedicated more than 7,000 acres to open space, parks and trails or placed in a conservation easement. With each turn we take, we look for new opportunities to set aside additional acreage. For context, every 70 linear feet of our marsh front (of which there is 32 miles) could be sold for a million dollars, instead you’ll find that much of the most valuable real estate has become park and open space where everyone can enjoy those spectacular views.” – Courtney Hampson, Vice President of Marketing, Palmetto Bluff


Kauai, HI

Located on the sunny south shore, Kukui’ula is the first and only private club community on Kauai. The 1,010-acre residential community is nestled between the National Tropical Botanical Garden and historic Old Koloa Town. It offers homeowners a wealth of amenities such as farm access, spa, pools, island pursuits activities and golf. The property also features a 50-acre Upcountry Farm that is equipped with a staff of farmers who help residents harvest on site; and it allows them to explore the sacred Hawaiian culinary traditions of living off the land. Homesites range from one-third acre to three acres, and include some of the last Kauai coastline still available for building.

The Kula Makai neighborhood is the most exclusive real estate offering to-date. It’s located along the western edge of the property that borders the National Tropical Botanical Garden, and offering spectacular 180 degree panoramic views. Each of the 19 Kula Makai home sites (ranging from 22,998 square feet to 44,088 square feet) represents a rare opportunity to design and build a world-class home perched upon dramatic cliffs with ocean frontage.

“Imagine a secluded paradise that is reminiscent of a time when traffic and texts didn’t exist.  Kaua`i is that place and it boasts a private luxury Club community nestled within verdant island gardens.  Kukui`ula rests on 1,000 acres with ocean view and mountain views all around.  Located on the sunny south shore and appointed with the best amenities Kaua`i has to offer, The Club at Kukui`ula goes one better by providing a serene energy that takes privacy and green space to a whole new level.  The Club’s Up Country Farm & Lake are one of the favorite Member spots, along with the miles of hiking trails, endless white sand beaches, a golf course that meanders through orchards and the pristine spa & fitness center that embodies wellness at the highest level.” – Veronica Lovesy, Senior Marketing Manager, Kukui’ula

Snake River Sporting Club

Jackson, WY

Situated on 800-acres of verdant topography with nearly seven miles of private access to the famed Snake River, the private club and residential community offers true outdoor-lovers an authentic Western setting. Since Jackson Hole only boasts 2.5% of private land in the entire county, Snake River Sporting Club offers affluent buyers an exclusive portfolio of highly desired inventory.

The exclusive enclave in the middle of the Snake River ecosystem is the Ranch Estates, where a family legacy of riding, fishing, and exploring truly begins. While the journey is private, the views are expansive, as are the opportunities for the imagination. Whatever you can conjure, you can build: a complete family compound; an equestrian retreat; a house that grandly pays homage to the beauty of its backdrop abutting the national forest. Your Western heritage begins here.

“Many prospective buyers are seeking an escape from dense urban areas.  Embedded in their expectations of a western living experience include attributes such as low density, open spaces, wilderness, lung-expanding views and a sense of security.  Snake River Sporting Club has spoken with hundreds of prospective buyers and, with the good fortune of our location and being completely surrounded by national forest, we check all the boxes for privacy and an authentic western feel.” – Jeff Heilbrun, Executive Vice President and Director of Sales, Snake River Sporting Club