Summer is still here, and most people are still staying indoors, or at least not venturing outside of their yard any more than necessary. Here’s a beverage companion that you will not want to be without while enjoying the remaining warm days. There are always times for your craft beer wine too, but these remaining warm days are ideal for something a little more refreshing! Perhaps a margarita?

When we picture ourselves sitting by the pool, there’s certainly only one cocktail that comes to mind. The margarita. While it’s a rather simple recipe, there’s more to it than just ice and tequila. Now thanks to PATRÓN and Barsys, we never have to forget all the ingredients because they have created something that we never knew we needed. Say hello to the Margarita Smart Coaster.

margarita smart coaster

The days of feeling it necessary to buy margarita mix at the store are gone, forever. You will find the Barsys smart coaster, two PATRÓN rocks glasses, a custom PATRÓN branded TAJÍN salt rimmer, a lime squeezer and a much needed shaker in your Margarita Smart Coaster Kit. You will love this cocktail.

patron margarita smart coaster

However, the magic is held within the smart coaster, which is what will take your cocktail game to a completely new level of perfection. This Margarita Smart Coaster pairs with your mobile phone, and the Barsys App (IOS & Android) provides step-by-step instructions on the fly. It also measures each portion as you pour them so the flavor is guaranteed to be perfect.

While we recommend that you begin with a classic Margarita, the Barsys App has other Margarita variations at the touch of a button so you can discover new favorites. This is a limited edition run, and we think it makes for the perfect gift for either a friend, or for yourself…because you deserve it. While the kit doesn’t come with a bottle of PATRÓN Tequila, you can easily grab one from their website online and have it delivered (in most cases) so you can continue to social distance.

Everything You Need to Know About the Margarita Smart Coaster