Many people feel the need now more than ever to escape to a location that provides plenty of space to move around. Greystone at Glenwild is just that property, and it is also packed with an abundance of fun features that make this feel more like your very own mountainside hotel resort. The most unique feature is the indoor basketball court, which takes your at-home workout to a completely new level. This is also the same private neighborhood where Michael Jordan owns a home – so the new owner might have a shot at a one-on-one game someday, if they play their cards right.

The interior has plenty of exciting offerings too. There is a large game room perfect for the entire family, which has billiards, pinball machines, ping pong and even a bar for the adults. Just off of the game room is a large wine cellar, so you will not have to go far to grab a bottle and be back in time for your turn.

You can also venture into the state-of-the-art home theatre, which has ample seating and an incredible stereo system to take in the latest blockbuster movies from the comfort of your own home. However, there are many TV’s throughout this property to give everyone ample opportunity to watch what they like without disturbing anyone else. The entire home is just over 14,000 square feet so there is absolutely no shortage of rooms, and countless cozy nooks for some peace and quiet.

There is something for everyone in Greystone at Glenwild, which is why this is the perfect home to be stuck inside. Bear in mind that we have not even made it to the outdoor space yet, which offers ample room for the entire family. That is the other key takeaway during a quarantine, making this the perfect hideaway.

The home gym is packed with enough equipment to keep fit, something that many of us have missed during the lockdown. There is also a full tennis court so you can make some time for another workout outside. There is also a steam shower just off of the gym that is ideal after a workout, or for just having a good sweat to stay healthy. The clubhouse for Glenwild homeowners gives you access to their pool and hot tub… with social distancing, of course.

Step outside and you will find yourself among your very own lush 12-acres of outdoor space – perfect for keeping you from going crazy indoors… If that’s not enough room, this property is connected to hiking and biking trails, which remain open, even during the quarantine.

There are also plenty of patio space and viewing decks around Greystone. The views seem to go for miles as they sprawl out looking over Park City and beyond. Pull up a chair to the outdoor fireplace anytime of year and bring up a bottle or two of your favorite vintages from that wine cellar.

I spoke with the listing agent, Ben Fisher of Park City Luxury Real Estate about the home, and the market there to get a feel for what is happening within the market now, and what is to come in the coming months. He said the first two months of the lockdown were quiet as expected, but as soon as June rolled around his phone was literally ringing nonstop. The new demand for remote mountain city properties is surging post Covid-19 – mostly from California and Las Vegas.

His listing Greystone At Glenwild has seen a flurry of activity in the past couple of weeks, and it is still on the market for $9,250,000 USD as of today. If you have a luxury listing that would make a perfect quarantine hideaway, reach out to us as we are always looking for the next property to feature!