Top 10 Favorite Pages from October 2016

Here’s a lesson that can be tough for the more perfectionistic marketers among us …

Easy doesn’t necessarily mean lazy. And it definitely doesn’t need to mean low-performing.

To some extent, that lesson lies behind the creation of Leadpages itself, which lets you start ahead of the game by relying on proven landing page templates (instead of designing and coding everything from scratch). And while our drag-and-drop page builder makes it possible to create Leadpages that resemble nothing else out there, many of the best marketers aren’t afraid to launch pages with only minimal customization.

Simple landing pages let you launch and test more offers in less time. They make successful campaigns easier to replicate. And, most importantly, they can convert incredibly well.

So when you can make things easy on yourself in a way that works for your business … why wouldn’t you?

When I say that many of the marketers in this roundup of last month’s best landing pages are taking the easy road, it’s a compliment. It means they’ve discovered angles and structures that simply work, and they aren’t afraid to lean on them. By maintaining their focus and refusing to get over-complicated, they’ve built landing pages that are as elegant as they are memorable.

If you’re looking to cut through the confusion and build effective landing pages quickly, we’ve got 10 great examples in this post—plus a bonus resource to help you implement their best ideas. Start from an elegant (and well-tested) page structure by downloading a free pack of eight landing page templates used by this month’s featured marketers, including:

  • The Social Proof Giveaway Page
  • The Basic Squeeze Page (Aligned to the Right)
  • The Our Services Opt-in Page
  • The Enter to Win Page
  • The Smart Product Sales Page
  • The Webinar 3.0 Page (Two-Hosts & High CTA Button)
  • The SEO Blog Category Page
  • The Mobile App Download Page

5. LuxeGetaways Magazine – Enter to Win Page


What Stands Out: The prize package on this Enter to Win Page from LuxeGetaways Magazine is extensive, and it’s easy to see how a marketer could begin to create a very long page spelling out all the features. But at this stage, visitors don’t need to thoroughly investigate the details of this vacation package—they just need to enter the contest. Accordingly, the creators keep all the important stuff above the fold: lovely photos, clear copy, social share options, a countdown timer, and an entry form.

This page also finds an elegant way to handle fine print—often an awkward part of contests and giveaways. LuxeGetaways posts the full official rules on the landing page for convenience and transparency, but confines them to a simple black-and-white footer so they don’t get in the way.

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