These past few months have been turbulent for the travel industry to say the least, and I am guessing there are a lot of parents out there who are ready to get out of the house, and away from the kids. I have heard a lot of the details from friends and family about their journey in homeschooling, and how they are looking forward to a getaway in the near future.

Romance and relaxing will always be a major motivation for travel and we have the perfect recommendation for you. ALEXA Private Cruises has been operating for nearly a decade with their first luxury yacht in Indonesia, and this year they have their second vessel ready to traverse the Ionian Islands in Greece. The best part? There is only one master cabin built for two, as the whole ship is dedicated to your privacy and pleasure. This is what makes the experience the most romantic luxury yacht charter in the world.

The beauty of this luxury sailing yacht is that it provides an intimate cruising experience with just the right amount of staff, a location that will not be packed with tourists, and you can anchor anywhere you wish. Out in the Ionian Islands, you will find a much more relaxed vibe, and countless little beaches and islands you can explore without packed crowds. In fact, there are so many beautiful spots where you will often find yourself with only the wildlife and sunshine to accompany you on a relaxing day out.

What I love about ALEXA J is that the setup allows for a very intimate and romantic getaway, even with their small crew onboard. The bedroom, dining and outdoor lounge areas are set up just for you and your partner. Your quarters seamlessly flow from indoor to out while always showcasing the gorgeous views of the Ionian Islands.

ALEXA J is also the only yacht in Europe built to accommodate just one couple, so you can not really replicate this experience anywhere else at the moment. In a post Covid-19 world, this is also a fantastic way to go on vacation and be isolated from just about everyone. I talked with the company beforehand and they are well on their way to being prepared to offer their utmost cleanliness and all staff are an will be tested regularly.

When you are cruising the Greek Islands you will find that there is an endless number of amazing places and experiences to be discovered. You could spend a lifetime cruising these waters and still not get to see it all – and that is what I love about this part of the world. Onboard the yacht you will have access to their world-class chef, yoga instructor and spa therapist to further highlight the romantic elements during your sailing adventure.

There is more good news out of Greece this past week announcing that all foreign travelers are welcome to come, however, you will need to spend a night in a hotel, and be tested before heading out on your Greek luxury yacht excursion. Time on the ALEXA J starts at just over $10,000 USD per night, however, there are many bespoke upgrades you can add onto your luxury cruise that make it extra special.

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