Modobag is a revolutionary new concept in luggage that is changing the way the world travels. It is the world’s first smart, motorized, rideable carry-on that combines form, function and fun to get travelers and their belongings to their destination three times faster than walking.

Featuring top speeds of 8mph, a dual wheel braking system, quick release foot pedals, extendable towing handle and high performance steering column, users can quickly get around airports, train stations, college campuses or just around town. While riding, consumers can also enjoy the convenience of a touch control dashboard with LED backlighting and dual USB charging ports to charge cellphones and portable electronic devices.

Modobag is perfectly sized for overhead bins, designed to be durable, surprisingly lightweight (19lbs), spacious (over 80% can be used for storage) and complies completely with TSA, FAA, and IATA. The bag is constructed of a high strength ballistic nylon shell that features side-mounted pockets for tablets and phones, a secure crushproof laptop pocket for easy access and polyurethane composite wheels to ensure smooth transport via motor or pull-behind.

Made in the USA, Modobag has a maintenance free, belt-driven Torque 200 Watt Electric motor and is powered by UL Lithium batteries that last for 6 miles or 10 full phone charges based on an 180lb commuter. The connected carry-on includes a Lithium Smart Charger that can utilize household outlets for up to 3-hours to fully charge the suitcase and contains a Digital Battery Capacity Gauge that enables riders to keep an eye on battery life.

The smart luggage also will provide an optional “connected” feature that comes with a mobile companion app for iOS and Android users equipped with GPRS and GSM technology that can track the bag’s location and send consumers “Proximity Alerts,” even if the suitcase is underground in storage (not usually detected by traditional GPS).


Modobag is the creation of Chicago entrepreneurs Kevin O’Donnell and Boyd Bruner, an award-winning Technical Director who won the 2014 AMA Pro Road Racing Daytona 200. With a passion for travel and innovation, they formed an all-star team to create a best-in-class carry-on and travel experience.

“We created Modobag to revolutionize the way people travel and introduce one of the biggest updates to carry-on luggage since rolling suitcases were launched in the 1970’s,” says O’Donnell, CEO of Modobag. “With Modobag’s user-friendly, rideable carry-on, anyone from professionals to college students can eliminate their daily stress of commuting by getting to their destination faster, keeping their electronics charged and having fun while they do it.”

Photos & Video Courtesy Modobag