As Seen On | Online travel and lifestyle publication LuxeGetaways is launching a print edition to better connect to its audience.

“LuxeGetaways Magazine” will be distributed every quarter beginning this spring, with an initial print distribution of 50,000 copies, to supplement the online magazine. The magazine will appeal to affluent travelers without throwing budgetary caution to the wind, thereby creating its own space in a crowded field.

“A majority of the travel and lifestyle magazines available today caters exclusively to either affluent travel, or budget travel, whereas LuxeGetaways bridges the gap between these two extremes,” said Damon Banks, editor-in-chief of LuxeGetaways Magazine. “Believing strongly in the ‘high-low’ approach to travel, LuxeGetaways Magazine features luxury and value-driven travel options so readers can plan their travels with a combination of splurges and value to not only travel well, but travel smart.”

The new luxury
The initial print run of 50,000 copies will be distributed in hotels, resorts, golf clubs, yacht clubs, restaurants and charter yachts and jets. The digital magazine will continue to operate at and will be available on digital newsstands.

Today more than ever, the meaning of “luxury” is different to everybody, with young consumers more likely to define “luxury” as an experience that aligns with their own values. Accordingly, LuxeGetaways aims to connect with destinations, experiences and lifestyle trends in an educational and entertaining way that opens the traveler up to a more personalized experience attainable at various budgets.
“In an industry where we see the word ‘luxury’ greatly overused, LuxeGetaways is about value and traveling smart,” Mr. Banks said. “At the end of the day, we want to have both the affluent readers and travel-savvy readers who are saving for that ultimate getaway to be inspired by each issue; and regardless of the reader’s budgets, discover international destinations and travel experiences that become their next must-do getaway.”

Features will focus on the various trends in the travel industry and aim to expand the reader’s boundaries of what can constitute travel. Travel features will discuss traveling solo, with a family or as a couple and include themed pieces on adventure, LGBT, spa & wellness and sports.

In addition, wine, spirits and cigars, travel gear and accessories and timepieces and electronics will be discussed as lifestyle trends in the first issues.

The aim feeds into the publication’s “high-low” approach to travel, which will highlight both luxury travel options and those dictated by value, which may appeal to aspirational, younger and more budget-conscious readers. The value-conscious spin on luxury will help to separate LuxeGetaways from larger established travel publications such as Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure that focus more exclusively on high-end travel.

LuxeGetaways’ history as a travel blog has given rise to loyal readers, many of whom will likely subscribe to the print magazine. However, in order to expand its audience, the publication is also offering discount subscriptions in March and courtesy copies through distribution partners and at travel shows and related events.

Travel is a top priority of consumers in all age groups, and luxury as a whole is taking a turn toward the experiential. As a result, demand for travel writing will likely continue to grow as well.

Stay trendy
Travel and lifestyle trends are becoming tightly linked, and many hoteliers depend on being able to identify and address them.

For example, based on the findings of its Virtuoso Luxe Report, the high-end hospitality network has uncovered five travel trends for 2016.

In the last year, Virtuoso has added 95 new properties to its portfolio of more than 1,110 hotels in 100 countries. Demonstrating its understanding of the affluent traveler, 43 percent of properties have partnered exclusively with Virtuoso to better serve wealthy guests, thus giving the network a clear view of luxury travel trends (see story).

Although the media discourse is that print is a dying medium, there is plenty of reason to launch a print magazine today.

Although the medium is undergoing a period of change, print is still an invaluable vehicle for luxury marketers to reach target consumers, according to the publisher of WSJ. Magazine at the Luxury Retail Summit: Holiday Focus 2015.

During “WSJ. Magazine: Why Print Continues to Work for Luxury,” Anthony Cenname explained how print provides marketers with an effortless environment for luxury brands to showcase goods in a non-disruptive fashion. As a marketing tool, and even in a climate chock full of digital integration, print remains as the most engaging, memorable and luxury environment (see story).

“Even with the on-going debate of print magazines versus the digital issues and content on the website, at the end of the day, a tremendous amount of readers like to be able to physically flip through the pages of a magazine,” Mr. Banks said. “Having the magazine available both in print and available digitally (including Apple, Google Play, Nook and Amazon) is also better for our advertisers who benefit from being represented in multiple formats.

“Though many of the hotels have their own in-house magazine available at their properties, having an additional glossy magazine available for guests to enjoy while in their rooms, in the spa or sitting by the pool is just good business,” he said. “The launch of the new Web site is also exciting for us, but having the quarterly magazine available in print and via digital newsstands is an ideal way to promote our writers and advertisers.”