There is something almost mythic about La Paz, Mexico. Probably because almost nobody goes there (yet) and if you do and say that you are going to La Paz, everyone thinks you are heading to Bolivia. Let me introduce you to La Paz… you will fall in love with beautifully intimate beach town. Let me reassure you, Cabo isn’t the only place to visit in Baja California Sur.

La Paz, which, by the way, means Peace, is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, and an important regional commercial center in Mexico. In case you were wondering, they have a local airport which is accessible by connecting into Mexico City and once there, you will find real peace.

The gorgeous and lush region of Baja California Sur is often associated with Los Cabos, its main touristic center. While Cabo is breathtaking and posh, it is nowadays very busy and touristic, with luxury hotels getting built left and right on the coastline of la “Zona Hotelera”. If Cabo is the big sister, then La Paz is the discrete cousin where only those in the know go. The well-travelled that are seeking a new destination that is still pure, untouched, but where they can still find luxury accommodations and facilities up to their standards, will be very pleased with this unique destination.

Where to stay?

While we certainly want to enjoy a peaceful and quiet destination that hasn’t been too denaturized by the tourism industry, we absolutely do not want to compromise on our comfort. Well, in La Paz, you won’t have to. Last year, the city’s iconic residential and resort community, Costa Baja, underwent a major rebranding and a multi-million dollar renovation. Now known as Puerta Cortes, the development is ideally positioned on the Sea of Cortez and located just outside of the city.

This new luxury lifestyle project features a boutique collection of oceanfront and hillside residences, in addition to luxurious amenities including the only Gary Player Signature Golf Course in Mexico and a world-class marina which serves as a dock for yachts, some belonging to the rich and famous, which I noticed during my recent trip. The property’s renovation includes upgrades to its Golf Club and Beach Club. It becomes interesting to rent (or even buy, why not?) a luxury oceanfront condo or house at Puerta Cortes for a short (or long) stay for multiple reasons.

You can travel with your loved ones (or not) easily and at a very interesting price for Baja California Sur – nightly rental rates start at $275/night or $400,000 to buy – with the option to visit one of the property’s restaurants. Every accommodation at Puerta Cortes features designer inspired luxury furniture, fully equipped kitchen and living spaces and last but not least, stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. It is interesting to have the feel that you own the place, but without having to do anything. The resort offers room service and cleaning services, just like an hotel.

Amenities at Puerta Cortés include access to the Beach Club, the Golf Course and the lively Marina that also offers numerous food and beverage option such as an excellent coffee shop, convenience store and four themed restaurants which are sure to cater to all.

What to do?

La Paz is undoubtedly a place that offers top quality services without losing the charm of a small city. It is a safe and welcoming destination that is perfect for beach, outdoor and water sports lovers. I personally enjoyed going on the water to find “the mushroom”, a rock formation that can be found on Balandra beach (the most beautiful beach in the area) that has been the symbol of La Paz for decades. I also very much appreciated the fact that all La Paz beaches are swimmable, because the city is set on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula. Therefore and contrary to Cabo that is located on the Pacific side where the currents are often too strong to be swimming, in La Paz, we can enjoy and play in the ocean.

The beaches are quiet and beautiful, blending the desert dramatic backdrops that we love so much about Baja California Sur and the turqouise waters of Mexico. You can also take a quiet walk on The Maleçon and explore the city center or visit the “Magical Town” of Todos Santos and its majestic surroundings. But, before and above all, we suggest you head there before every one else does.