Just beyond the town of Joshua Tree sits a home so unique that it needs to be seen to believe. This sleek “skyscraper on its side” architectural delight in the desert is hands down one of the most unique vacation rental properties on the planet. Let’s take a peek inside and out of this much talked about Invisible House, which can be rented out for a cool $1,750 USD per hour, with a minimum of twelve hours of rental time.

This space can be used for a plethora of events, parties and corporate functions. You can also rent the Invisible House for a secluded getaway, which is something Demi Lovato recently did with her boyfriend… and they set the social media world ablaze. The setting is magical in every way, and just far enough away that you can avoid the noise and light pollution. It is truly a place to clear the mind.

invisible house joshua tree

So just who came up with this crazy idea of contemporary space for creatives? The Invisible House is the love child of film producer Chris Hanley and Tomas Osinski, as well as the Canadian-America architect Frank Gehry. The minimalist design allows for the surrounding natural beauty to be the star here, and being inside makes you feel like you are a part of the scenery.

The Invisible House is 5,500 square feet, and setup to easily entertain up to 10 guests. The space is mostly pitched as a property for corporate functions, photo locations, movie shoots and other unique events for those who want to impress with the ultimate in privacy.

The owner behind the Invisible House also has a team of event designers and planners to help with any function needs, at any size. This design and the surrounding location make it perfect for a movie or television shoot. I also see many music videos ultimately being made on the property.

The location of Joshua Tree is also a mystical place, so those looking to book their next yoga or wellness retreat will find it ideal in every way. The property is a stunning 90-acre piece of land that provides access to a unique desert backdrop, as well as hiking trails and rock climbing areas. All these features make this easily one of the most unique event spaces on the planet, and its remote location makes its the perfect getaway.

Learn More: https://www.invisible.house/

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