Inara Camp (formerly known as AGAFAY CAMP) is settled into its beautiful and serene surroundings of the stony desert of AGAFAY, just 30 minutes from the Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK). The camp consists of two parts: The high part includes the restaurant that welcomes guests for an exceptional lunch; and the lower part where guests live the unique experience of a night in the desert. These 18 luxury tents provide you with a splendid overview of the desert, each with inside king size bed, living room and separate full bathroom. Inara Camp provides an intimate and tranquil travel experience that is simply unmatched.

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The entire camp is seamlessly woven into the environment, and the pool is a great example. It is perfectly integrated in the grounds, without cement or a metal structure of any kind. This concept gives the feeling of being on a real sandy beach, but with the level of service that is signature Inara Camp. Dining while at Inara Camp is fully customizable too, and you are sure to enjoy everything prepared by Chef Mustafa, who enjoys using local flavors to serve a traditional cuisine. Localized activities are what really set this camp apart, and these are five that we get most excited about when creating the ultimate getaway.

5 Reasons to Visit Inara Camp

1. Inara Camp | Trekking with Camels

This gentle walk is adapted to your level, and starts from the camp at 10am in the company of camel and camel drivers to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the desert, a gourmet break in the canyon and then return around 4pm.

2. Inara Camp | Horseback Riding

For a half or full day, guests enjoy this private experience, in collaboration with equestrian firm: riding Arabic horses. Enjoy galloping across the wide areas of the stony desert and taking-in all the breath-taking scenery.

3. Inara Camp | Buggy Adventure

Explore the area with this buggy adventure – a vehicle with high horsepower with 1000cc for a real sensation of fun and comfort. This adventure is scheduled with a professional guide so you can make this most of this high-adrenaline activity.

4. Inara Camp | Bike Tours

Live the adventure in the heart of the Agafay desert and enjoy marvelous scenery by bike. Professionals, amateurs or beginners, regardless of your level of experience, their friendly guides get you equipped with the best equipment for your needs.

 5. Inara Camp | Safari Adventure

A refreshing getaway that is filled with all the beauty that guests can encounter. Enjoy the marvelous contrasts between the desert aridity and lush Atlas Mountain with their 4×4 Safari while enjoying the authenticity of Morocco.