Everyone can get more pleasure from every day, enjoy the little things, do something that brings joy, laugh, be inspired, make our lives better, and fill it with meaning. But it’s not always possible to tune in to this particular wave, to go beyond and forget that we owe something to those around us. If you still think that in the vocabulary of life there are only such words as “should,” “must,” “obligation,” then keep reading. Here’s how to introduce the words “want” and “will” and make dreams come true.  

Step to Your Drums, Not Someone Else’s

A man will never be happy if he spends his whole life fulfilling other people’s desires and aspirations, passing them off as his own. Think back to when you went to university, did your parents influence your choice? Perhaps in conversations with them slipped the phrases “Go into economics, it’s a sought-after field,” “Stop playing at https://tonybet.com/ca/live-casino, you will never hit a jackpot,” “And what will you work when you get your degree in acting? You won’t make any money on stage,” etc. Many people give in to these entreaties, go to university in the “in-demand” specialty, and after receiving their diploma bring it to their parents, put it on the table, then take courses of copywriting and go on freelance. 


Or another version of events: to continue doing things that you don’t like – after all, you’ve studied for many years, getting knowledge, and should work in their specialty. An example with education is the simplest, but if you think about it, the influence of parents, friends, and society can be seen in all spheres of life. You started running in the morning because your friend was bored doing sports alone, wearing suits because your beloved one loves when you’re in such clothes (while you dream of jeans and sneakers).  


Try pacing to your own drums. You may be less successful, you may not be able to fly abroad every year, buy expensive clothes, and ride to work in a cab. But you will be happy because you are doing what you love, which brings pleasure and inspiration.  

Realize That It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life

How about turning your life around 180 degrees? Quit everything you’ve been doing for ten, fifteen, twenty years, move to another city or country, buy a house in the countryside, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and do what you’ve dreamed of all your life? Imagine that you have the last week of your life left and think about which dream you would like to dedicate it to. That will be your guiding star.

Don’t Be a Waiter

Remember how when you were a kid, everyone was waiting for recess, and hearing the magic bell, instantly jumped out of their seats? A big break was much cooler, because you could run through the corridors of the school, play and communicate with classmates, not thinking that after a while you would have to sit at the desk again and report on your homework.  


So during school time we were trained to wait. No wonder that growing up we wait for days off, vacations, paychecks, raises. We believe that we will only be happy in these small intervals. And in fact, life is what’s happening now, in this very second. So get rid of the sense of the “coming event,” stop preparing and planning. Meet the “now” and imagine that you don’t have to run anywhere. You just have to enjoy the moment and take everything from it. Patience is a beautiful quality, but life is too short to endure for long.  

Nourish Your Soul, Not Your Ego

If you want to be happy, do what makes you happy. Not all of the tasks you have to do day in and day out are at all satisfying. Overworking may help you move up the career ladder, and it may boost your ego, but it will still lead to exhaustion in the end. The body’s reserves are not limitless, so it should be timely recharge. Take a vacation, buy clothes that you’ve been dreaming of, indulge in sweets, watch your favorite shows all weekend long. Of course, it is impossible to always do what you want and bring joy. But most of your actions should be aimed at this. Don’t do it because you were asked to, because you have to, or because it’s just another item on your list of tasks. Do it because you are enjoying it.  

Don’t Be Too Serious 

Children don’t care what other people think of them: they run around, laugh, make faces, enjoy every little thing, and are constantly telling their parents what magical things happened to them during the day. Adults often lack this lightness and carefree attitude. They are too serious and heavy-handed.


We have to analyze almost every action from the perspective of society. We do not pay attention to the pleasant little things, do not notice the funny. In order to become more free, relaxed, to be able to breathe a full breath without feeling pressure from outside, we need to learn to take note of all the details, see our own life and linger in it.