Hotel Zena opens in a year that marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed the protection of a women’s constitutional right to vote. Isn’t it great to have a bit of happy news to read in 2020? With that being said, we wanted to talk about a new hotel in Washington, DC that celebrates the accomplishments of women, and recognizes their ongoing struggle for gender equality. For those familiar with the area, yes, this is the old Donovan Hotel by Kimpton… but is now completely transformed into this smart hotel concept.

We learned about the hotel’s launch, and thought we would take a closer look at who’s behind Hotel Zena, and what is waiting for you at this one-of-a-kind hotel in a destination that is certainly getting a lot of attention with the upcoming election. This property will leave you inspired, while also being thankful to those that dedicated their lives to advancing the rights of women in America, and across the globe.

Hotel Zena features more than 60 incredible art pieces throughout each floor, all of which tell a story and celebrate female empowerment throughout the last century. The most prolific art piece in the hotel’s collection is a creation which pays homage to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This art installation is constructed of 20,000 individually hand-painted tampons from Cora Women.

“We created a safe gathering space that celebrates diversity, respects different points of view, and opens the floor to topics worthy of meaningful conversation. We know we’re pushing boundaries and might even make some people uncomfortable – and we’re okay with that.”

— Jon Bortz, CEO of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

Viceroy Hotels & Resorts is the team behind the hotel, and they enlisted the help of Seattle-based interior designer Dawson Design Associates to orchestrate this living art gallery that celebrates women. All the art in the hotel was created specifically for Zena by a unique blend of artists from around the globe.

Another conversation starting piece in Hotel Zena is a curving wall layered with over 8,000 protest buttons that represent generations of marches and events promoting the feminist movement. We personally love the mural of female warriors on the hotel’s exterior. If you are staying here, you definitely won’t miss it as you arrive, and make your way inside. It was designed by DC based artist MISS CHELOVE, who is well known for her murals.

Located at the nexus of the District, and the vibrant Logan Circle neighborhood, the 191-room hotel is now ready to take on guests (and their pets too). They have their promise of cleanliness in place, which takes covid-19 seriously and covers everything from luggage handling to front desk etiquette.

The hotel rooms and suites are also filled with art and decor that fits with the theme of this property. There are not only hotel rooms, but tastefully inspired living spaces where you can simply relax. Take note of the Gia Suite, which boasts over 1,200 square feet of luxury living that has views that span all of DC. They also offer a “work from hotel” option for those needing great wifi, meeting rooms and corporate rates for locals and tourists needing a quiet place to work remotely.

Wining, dining and collaborating will take place is the hotel’s barn and restaurant aptly named Figleaf. This spot is boasted as an ideal space for an intimate yet socially distanced get-together while staying at the hotel. They will also be adding a rooftop pool and lounge for guests to enjoy smaller bites and unique cocktails with an amazing view overlooking DC — this is expected to open in spring 2021.

They just recently had their grand opening, and we want to wish the hotel and its staff all the best. This upcoming election season is certainly going to be a busy travel period, and we can only imagine the conversations that will take place within the walls of this hotel in the coming weeks. Oh to be a fly on the wall! We suggest that you book directly on the Hotel Zena website, as this will automatically unlock a room at 50% off to a local healthcare professional.

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