For decades men all across the globe wore straw hats to keep cool. It’s because straw is a lightweight and durable material that makes it the perfect accessory to keep your head secured during the summer months. Today, there are several types of straw hats for men made of multiple materials that vary in style, quality, and overall feel. In this article, we will delve into the various type of men’s straw hats. We will try and understand what makes each type different and whether it’s apt for you. 

The material with which straw hats get made

Simply put, the straw hats get made of synthetic and natural straw materials that get brimmed and tightly interwoven to protect men from the harsh sunlight. You will find these hats in multiple styles. People all across Asia and Europe have been wearing straw hats since Middle Ages. And it’s surprising to note that the straw hats have always retained their appeal for the ones who want to use it to stay secured from the sunlight. 

The majority of straw hats for men are loved because it’s lightweight and durable. It’s all because of the material that gets used to manufacturing the straw hats. Also, as these hats get woven, small openings enable ventilation and cooling on a hot summer day. These hats are also very trendy. 

The different types of straw hats for men

The straw hats get woven from natural thin straw and synthetic material. That makes it comfortable, lightweight, and trendy. Also, each type offers great protection from sun rays, ensuring that the wearer’s head can breathe easily. 

  • The boater straw hat

It is a popular straw hat that has been famous throughout history. Conventionally, men used to wear it as a formal hat when the weather was warm. And there was also a fixed day in the calendar year when this hat got worn by men. It was called Straw Hat Day. Usually, stiff straws get used to make this hat, which appears unique with its flat, stiff crown and brim. Also, in several boys’ schools in South Africa and Australia still use this hat as a part of their school uniform. 

Even though the boater straw hat is meant for men, it’s also unisex. That is not all! These hats are stylish and are best worn when you are out in the sun because they have a short brim. 

  • Fedora Straw Hat

The Panama and Fedora straw hats are very similar. And not everyone can tell the difference. Are you aware of the difference? It’s the toquilla straw material that defines the Panama straw hats. The Fedoras get defined by its shape. The Panama hats mostly get made out of straw, but the Fedoras can use various other materials, for instance, felt. If you want to spot the difference between these two hats, you need to know about the features of a fedora hat, that has:

  • A fairly wide brim
  • A pinched front
  • A Low crown

All these features add style to the Fedora hat and make it the perfect accessory for sun protection. Several male tourists carry this hat wherever they travel so that they can stay protected from the elements. Also, these hats can be worn with any outfit. Men with long hair can go all out when it comes to a straw fedora. 

  • Panama straw hat

Are you planning for a vacation? Then the best hat for you is a Panama straw hat. It’s easy to wear and is breathable. If you like light silk or linen suits you, then this hat is for you. Typically, it gets made using a light-shaded toquilla straw. Usually, this hat comprises a tight weave, and it needs more work, which in turn makes it costly. Several vacationers and tourists wear this hat to sport a classy look and stay protected from the sun. You need to know something interesting about this hat. President Roosevelt possessed several variants of this hat, and he sported it when he visited the Panama Canal in early 1906. 

  • The lifeguard straw hat

It is a famous straw hat, and its fame comes from the fact that the lifeguards on the California coast used to wear this hat. And even today, the lifeguard straw hat is popular with the lifeguards and with the gardeners and fishers. Usually, the hat gets designed using thick straw, which gets woven loosely. It comes with a high crown and a manageable chin strap. When it comes to sun protection, these hats provide an average performance. However, they are stylish and can cover your face from the scorching sun rays. 

If you are a style-conscious man and are willing to try out a straw hat, these are a few options that you can select from. You can choose depending on your requirement and preference.