With Halloween just around the corner, Autograph Collection pulled together some of their properties that have a little something extra to add to the conversation when chatting about haunted hotels. With a tagline that reads, “Exactly Like Nothing Else,” the unique hotels and resorts that makeup the Autograph Collection are always thinking outside of the box in their offerings for guests; and with the rich history and ghost stories that go with these properties, guests will be sure to enjoy an experience like nothing else.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_AlgonquinAlgonquin Hotel | New York City, NY

The daily lunch spot for the legendary Algonquin Round Table made up a eclectic and eccentric group of artists and authors that met almost daily for a decade just after World War I. Today’s hotel guests have claimed to see members from this group in the lobby and dining area of the hotel.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_MayflowerMayflower Hotel | Washington, DC

Haunted by President Calvin Coolidge ever since 1937 when the inauguration date was changed to January 20. On that date, the Mayflower relives the night of President Coolidge’s ball — the lights in the Grand Ballroom dim and flicker around 10:00 p.m. when the guests of honor would have been announced and one elevator inexplicably refuses to move from the eighth floor to the lobby until 10:15 p.m. which is around the time when the President would have left his holding room to arrive at the ball. Mysteriously, hors d’oeuvres and wine have been found on the balcony on January 20 that don’t resemble anything served that day in real time.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_Union-Station-Hotel-NashvilleUnion Station Hotel | Nashville, TN

The hotel is on the site of a restored 19th century railroad station where a train collision took place in 1918 killing 101 people. Many people believe that the ghosts of this tragic accident haunt the hotel to this day.  Guests and employees have reported seeing the ghost of a young man wearing a World War II uniform, a woman in bloody and torn clothes, and a woman who flinging herself off the 3rd floor balcony.  Guests have also reported lights and televisions turning off without explanation.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_Blackhawk-DavenportHotel Blackhawk | Davenport, IA

Actor Cary Grant suffered a fatal stroke on the 8th floor of this hotel and died at a nearby hospital. Some say they catch glimpses of the actor wandering throughout the hotel and guests have also reported seeing the ghost of a woman in a vintage-style evening gown roaming the halls.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_Casa-Monica-HotelThe Casa Monica Hotel | Saint Augustine, FL

The fourth floor of this hotel is said to be the most haunted.  Guests and employees alike have reported hearing children running up and down the halls and women talking and laughing, but when they go to investigate, no one is there. There is also a suite that’s said to be haunted by a woman in white, who has been photographed. The most common ghost citing reported is a man walking around in 1920s-era clothing.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_Davenport-Hotel-SpokaneThe Davenport Hotel | Spokane, WA

Guests and staff claim that the ghost of a woman wanders around the mezzanine above the grand lobby dressed in 1920s attire looking around for someone or something. She peers over an iron railing and then disappears into thin air.  This ghost is likely Ellen McNamara, a visitor from New York who walked out of her 3rd floor doorway and fell to her death through a skylight in the lobby in 1920. The hotel’s namesake, and original owner, Lois Davenport, is also said to make occasional, friendly appearances.

LuxeGetaways_Autograph_Brown-Hotel-DenverThe Brown Palace Hotel | Denver, CO

Up until 1985, there were many people who made this hotel their home, died here and haunt the hotel to this day.  Guests and employees have reported seeing ghosts of train conductors walking around as well as ghosts of travelers carrying luggage and dressed in clothing from the early 20th century. An employee of the hotel reported seeing an entire string quartet playing in the hotel — when he told them they had to leave, the musicians told him they lived at the hotel and then vanished into thin air.

Source & Photos Courtesy Autograph Collection – Marriott International