We are really excited to share this news with not only the many fans of the Fogo Island Inn, but also those who might not be familiar with this magical place. The Fogo Island Inn is located on a small island in Newfoundland & Labrador, isolated from large populations and free from swaths of roaming tourists at every stop. Covid-19 has certainly changed travel currently, and it seems it has generated a lust for wellness getaways in remote locations.

This luxury boutique hotel has so much to offer their guests, and come next spring this wellness retreat is perfect for those wanting a mental re-set. They’ve tapped the talents of Jennifer Charles from Wild Cove Wellness to lead guests on a journey of movement, stillness, and reflection.

fogo island inn wellness retreat destination

Fogo Island itself is only 15 miles long, and 8 miles wide. The hotel has only 29 guest rooms, which makes it one of the best remote hotels for a luxurious getaway that is certainly away from it all. You can fly directly into St John’s International Airport, and then charter a private helicopter that will deliver you directly to the hotel. This further minimizes the human contact, especially if you charter a jet there and keep a strict social distancing regiment in place.

The wellness retreat allows you to choose your own path. You have the option of staying indoors for meditation and yoga, or venture outside for a class along the ocean’s edge. This is also the time of year that the 10,000 year old icebergs begin to drift by the property, and that’s just one more reason to experience this part of the world.

Jennifer Charles teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which awakens the body and quiets the mind with a full-body and feel-good flow. This style of yoga strings postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath and mindfulness. What is also unique about this is that no two Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes are the same, so it will be a new experience every time.

The entire experience will be paired with a clean, plant-focused menu of locally-sourced ingredients by the incredibly talented kitchen staff at the Fogo Island Inn. Make sure you ask them to unfreeze some of those world-famous Newfoundland blueberries, although I’m sure those will make their way into the menu at some point during your stay.

You also have a choice of unique hotel room types. There is no shortage of unique spaces, all with incredible views and some with their own wood fireplaces for those crisp evenings. This is such an amazing destination during Iceberg season, and we highly recommend spending time in their outdoor hot tub that comes with unobstructed views over the Atlantic Ocean. Perfection.

The Fogo Island Inn wellness retreat is taking place from March 26th – 29th, 2021, and all Covid-19 safety precautions at the remote hotel are in place. If you think you will be ready for a getaway after this coming winter, we highly recommend you check out this uplifting wellness experience.

Plan Your Fogo Island Inn Getaway: Be Still Be Well