Whether it be for work, or for simply the convenience of being able to easily travel through Spanish speaking areas of the world, being fluent in Spanish can prove to be a very rewarding experience. I was instantly intrigued when I discovered the Fluenz language program since it combines the best of language immersion, culinary delights and a localized Mexico City experience. Founded by Sonia Gil, Fluenz offers the most comprehensive language-learning programs designed for English-Speakers anywhere. The company’s work is based on the proprietary linguistic models that reverse-engineer Spanish and other languages from the point of view of English.

The single most important factor to reach verbal fluency in Spanish is an understanding of the structures that sustain the language–its bones. Because so many of these elements are not intuitively recognizable to English-speakers, (i.e. feminine-masculine endings, complex conjugations, etc.) the teachers with Fluenz are laser-focused on helping clients bridge this divide; and believe this lack of comparative approach is the single most important obstacle for English speakers trying to reach verbal fluency in Spanish.

The Fluenz approach breaks down Spanish into discrete elements that are best understood when explained in English – rather than the traditional approach based on generic practice after explanations of Spanish in Spanish. Once clearly understood, the elements that make up Spanish are best mastered through intense sessions of targeted practice.

Here, the high-impact sessions are tightly focused on getting clients to master the specific elements our assessment has shown can generate a breakthrough in their specific verbal fluency. They have eliminated random vocabulary and general conversation from learning in order to focus every single coaching hour into the specific and quantifiable linguistic tools that produce results.

After spending millions of dollars over a decade to recreate an essential human tutoring experience on an interactive platform, Fluenz Immersion brings this knowledge to one-on-one language instruction. Taking into account the learning experiences of over 160,000 clients and millions of hours of learning, they have been able to create a personalized, high-impact training program designed for only 12 clients at a time.

Location, Location, Location

Mexico City’s transformation is amazing in every respect starting with the world’s most interesting and innovative cuisine. Beyond amazing food, years of urban renewal have brought pedestrian friendly avenues, bike lanes, much safer neighborhoods full of bookstores, cafes and thriving art scenes. There is no better location in the world to experience the excitement of living, breathing Spanish culture and language. There probably is no better way to learn to speak Spanish than to be in Mexico City, making Fluenz unique and perfect in so many ways.

Coyoacan, the city’s traditional refuge for the country’s artists, writers, architects and film directors, and now home to the Fluenz Immersions, and it is thriving like never before amidst its quiet and leafy streets.

Finally, it is impossible to forget what has always made Mexico the capital of Spanish-speaking Latin America: the Archeological Museum, Rivera’s and Siqueiro’s murals, Frida Kahlo’s house, the university and the city’s central park, its amazing markets and most importantly, 20 million Mexicans who have made the place a vibrant meeting place of contrasts, languages and cultures for 692 years.

Your Home Away from Home

It all begins at the beautifully restored mansions in Mexico City’s best neighborhoods for Fluenz clients. Run by a premier boutique hotel chain, Fluenz takes over entire houses to create the perfect environment for these Spanish immersion programs for adults. They are currently located in a grand art deco mansion that is only a few blocks away from Frida Kahlo’s home in Mexico’s bucolic Coyoacan district.

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The 6-day Immersion Program

This is exciting, Fluenz has recently introduced a new game-changer in language learning, the Fluenz Spanish Immersion — six days of intensive Spanish in a magnificent mansion in Mexico City. There is no better way to learn a new language than to converse and practice with native speakers in a real-word environment in a beautiful destination. As you can experience yourself, Fluenz has revolutionized the language immersion opportunities!

Fluenz, the most comprehensive language-learning program designed for English speakers anywhere (and used by the U.S. military for years), is literally transforming the learning experience from the traditional Spanish class into a destination high-impact coaching experience.

Founder and travel expert, Sonia Gil, created the program to make learning a language part of an enjoyable and transformational immersive luxury travel experience!

How the Fluenz Spanish Immersion Works:

• 12 guests travel to Mexico City the most intense six days of Spanish anywhere

• Guests stay in a beautifully restored Spanish Revival mansion, to create a perfect environment for learning

• The six day/seven nights immersion with our elite coaches combines group and intense one-on-one sessions, rigorous hour by hour assessments, recovery time, really good yoga, and great food made with local ingredients and health in mind

• In the evenings you will be hosted in some of the city’s best restaurants, enjoy exclusive art tours and bring some of the city’s sharpest minds for private talks. You will experience Mexico City like never before

• Seven days later, you will be amazed at the transformation

Learn More About The Upcoming Sessions: http://immersion.fluenz.com