We are already a few months into the New Year, and our newly set 2019 resolutions.. at least we are hoping that you are keeping with them so far. Whether your goal is more time in the gym, a better diet, or a more consistent beauty routine, we can all agree that health and wellness is our main priority this year. And with wellness trends for 2019 pouring in, LuxeGetaways is excited to share five of the hottest wellness amenities with you. From treatments that will enhance your cognitive wellness to micro-needling, these wellness trends will put you on a good path to fulfilling your 2019 wellness goals.

Upgrade LabsThe Beverly Hilton

Recently opened and unique to the Beverly Hilton location, Upgrade Labs has created custom programs from Travel Packages aimed at decreasing travel fatigue to Red Carpet packages honoring the property’s long Hollywood history. The programs focus on:

• Physical Fitness: Working with Labs’ team of Biohacker Techs, clients are presented with data-driven, customized training that creates radical results in a fraction of the time of normal workouts.  Training services include Adaptive Intelligence Cardio, Cold HIIT, The Cheat Machine, the Bulletproof Vibe, and more.

• Cellular Recovery:  Whether clients are recovering from an injury, cosmetic surgery or simply from rigorous workouts and looking to decrease inflammation, Upgrade Labs excels in recovery. Recovery therapies include Cryotherapy, RedChargers, Breathe EZ, Infrared Sauna, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy and detoxifying lymphatic massage.

• Cognitive Wellness:  Upgrade Labs’ mission is focused on ways to improve your overall quality of life, not just bodily but also mentally. That’s why their treatments utilize the latest science-backed technologies and neurobiologies to enhance brain function. These treatments and training include Theta Delight to induce meditative states and EEG Brain Training.

Unplug MeditationThe Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles

The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles is welcoming the New Year through an exclusive collaboration with LA-based meditative experts Unplug Meditation. The collaboration will introduce five in-room guided meditations allowing travelers to maintain their mindfulness routine even while on-the-go. Easily accessible with the flip of a few buttons, the channel provides a selection of 5-minute to 15-minute meditations intended to inspire a bright start to the morning, motivate productivity for the day, and support a peaceful night of rest. Each meditation includes calming visuals, soothing music, and easy-to-follow guidance by expert Unplug Meditation instructors.

Simultaneously, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles will release three healing experiences integrating meditative audio guides into massage therapy. Guests begin with an essential oil inhalation to set their intention before having a choice of a guided aromatherapy meditation or a sound bath meditation playing during a corresponding massage. For an immersive experience, guests can also schedule a private healing session at an Unplug Mediation studio followed by a customized treatment and mediation experience at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

Light Me Up: Carneros Resort and Spa

Not only has the Spa at Carneros recently unveiled a renovation to its 5,919 square foot space in July 2018 with a new spa entrance, airy guest reception and newly-designed treatment rooms and suites; but also wellness ingenuity with their Light Me Up treatment. The Light Me Up treatment features magnesium-rich oils that are applied with specific techniques, while pain areas are treated with LED light technology to accelerate healing. After the massage, a selection of outcome-specific audio programs recalibrate mind-body connection.

Micro-InfusionsThe Things We Do at ROW DTLA

Micro-infusions are a popular skin treatment adopted from South Korea, combining the creation of tiny injuries in the skin that absorb your personalized beauty-boosting concoction.  The result is visibly plumper, smoother skin that lasts for months. The Things We Do, a beauty concept bar is incorporating micro-infusions into their treatment menu which will reflect a combination of Eastern and Western beauty traditions. Treatments will include facial acupuncture, Moringa + CBD facials, sprinkle Botox, and facial balancing by fillers. 

Brain Health and Sober Living: ArtScience Culture Lab & Café

ArtScience is a unique restaurant that focuses on the future sustainability of food and features a dining experience that teases the senses. Founder David Edwards, a Harvard professor and inventor, features his ongoing projects at the restaurant, combining science and food. Nimbus (Brain Health), Edwards’ creation, is a device that focuses on olfactory senses to further enhance flavor and alter the brain’s response to certain foods. Le Whaf (Sober Living). meanwhile, has been a long time resident of the bar program, adding non-alcoholic flavor clouds to cocktails. The whaf clouds can also be enjoyed on their own, so those who have opted for a sober lifestyle can still enjoy a cocktail from time to time.