If you ever want freedom, to make memories and to give yourself the unbridled joy you crave, you should plan a road trip. A trip taken on a given route anywhere you want to go in the car is exactly what you need to ensure that you have the best time when you go away. You deserve to go wherever you want to go, and sometimes the best thing that you can do is to plan a trip with your car. Whether you go alone or you go with friends, a road trip is going to change you in ways that you couldn’t imagine. 


Road trips are the best option when you want to be free with your holiday. There’s no travel times to adhere to; you just wake up and go when you’re ready. You can destress and forget about the bad things in life! You can get on the road and know your car is packed with Ford car parts that are brand new and checked over by an expert mechanic. Don’t forget to book your appointment before you get on the road, by the way! While a road trip may not sound as grandiose as a five star trip to Fiji, it’s still a trip that’ll give you the bug for freedom. Let’s take a look at five reasons you should go on a road trip ASAP.

Image source: Pexels

  1. It’s going to give your routine a break. Contrary to popular belief, a road trip doesn’t have to be something that you do over the course of a month. You can have an excellent, exciting trip in a day if you wanted to! You can chase a horizon or the direction on a compass and find a new view. It doesn’t matter; you get a break from your usual routine!
  2. You get a chance to bond. Whether you go alone doesn’t matter; you can spend some time just bonding with yourself if you want to! When you go with friends, you get to do the whole campfires and marshmallow thing, while you laugh and tell stories in the car. You’ll be belting out the Broadway bests regardless!
  3. You get time. Sometimes, you need to breathe. You can’t always do that in your usual four walls surrounding you. You need time to be alone and that means taking yourself somewhere you can do that comfortably. 
  4. You get to listen to podcasts. There’s rarely much time to sit around and listen to a podcast or your favourite songs. The road trip that you take IS the perfect time to do all that. 
  5. You get to appreciate the little things. The view from the mountain. The tree in the rainforest. Those animals you rarely see in your local suburb – these are all things that you can appreciate! You get to take a moment to SEE the world you’re living in, and there really isn’t enough of that going around right now. You deserve more, and you deserve to see all of the little things around you for a change.