Such is the business mantra behind Compass Heli Tours’ grasp on Western Canada’s “helicopter adventures” market, and one which fits this British-Columbia based company perfectly. Specializing in private backcountry helicopter adventures around BC, Compass offers unique forays such as heli fishing, glacier ice cave exploration and wilderness spa experiences by way of fully-customizable, visually-stimulating and unparalleled outdoor wilderness tours from the company’s base in Abbotsford. If that isn’t enough to satisfy the outdoorsman within, Compass Heli Tours can also handle Alpine picnics, waterfall tours, hiking, camping, wine tours, weddings and engagements – all while creating memories for its clients that last a lifetime.

Growing up in a family of outdoorsmen taught Compass owner Nicolas Drader to appreciate the environment he lived in, learning about the many ecosystems of British Columbia and wilderness survival, bush craft and navigation skills from his father. Combined with a sense of compassion, creativity and people skills instilled by his mother, he became an outdoor enthusiast with a deep understanding of the place he calls home.


As Drader himself puts it, “I’ve been flying helicopters commercially in the forestry industry for nearly 10 years as a chief pilot for my father’s company, D.K. Heli-Cropper, and flying in Western Canada’s remote region has provided me with a great deal of humbling experience; it has taught me to respect the power of nature, but has also made me keenly observant of even the most minute of details. It is in these details that make up British Columbia’s magnificent wilderness.

“Having access to these spectacular locations inspired me to find a way to share the experience with others – thus, Compass Heli Tours was born. My intention is to provide customers an unrivaled outdoor adventure experience in world-renowned British Columbia, guaranteeing family, friends or co-workers memories to last a lifetime on an unforgettable, fully-customizable backcountry helicopter adventure.”

Compass Heli Tours focuses on small private group adventures in a sustainable, isolated wilderness environment only accessible via helicopter. In order to keep the isolation genuine but safe, Drader offers only one tour per day per location, and acts as the pilot/guide on all trips. The adventure packages offered by Compass Heli Tours include Glacier Kayaking Experience, Guided Heli-Fishing Experience, Ice Cave Tours, Picnic and Paddle Experience, Sightseeing Tours, Heli-Snowshoeing Experience, Yoga S.U.P. Experience, Ultimate Heli Camping and Fishing Experience, Volcano Tours, Weddings and Engagements and Wilderness Spa Experience.

With a helicopter fleet capable of carrying groups of two to seven, D.K. Heli-Cropper Int’l Ltd. provides, maintains and crews helicopters for casual hire with Compass Heli Tours, a group that includes the Bell 230 chopper for large groups, the Airbus Astar 350B2 helicopter for extreme versatility and the Hiller 12E/T chopper for smaller groups.

“The collaboration between D.K. Heli-Cropper and Compass Heli Tours goes beyond the family relationship,” concludes Drader. “Wilderness adventures are simply not going to be possible without sustainability of our natural resources, and Compass is proud to be a part of these conservation efforts.

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